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A candy store shaped like a pharmacy in Barcelona

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Travel Tips For Barcelona

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Are you interested in something sugary, pleasant, and tempting? In Barcelona, there is a family business called Happy Pills. They created a A candy store shaped like a pharmacy in Barcelona. They are very creative in their marketing and approach. They want to bring happy moments, they have a magic recipe, and shares it with us through amusing messages.

For the Balkan medicine, try Rakia.

Inspired to eat

They have very special messages on their products that inspires us to eat more candies. Some examples of taste mixes that they have on their candy is Happy tropical, Happy love, and Happy multicolor.

Happy Pills. It makes you look prettier than your friends.

A family business

They started to do this in 2007. They are a business completely from Barcelona. They want to take over the world with their recipe. They have a lot of location in Spain, Catalunia, and even in South Korea.

Their style

Their style is to have a candy store built like a pharmacy. Domingo Ojeda was the mind behind this idea. They are giving us happy pills which makes us happy for a little bit, and then we need to take more to keep the happiness going. Just like happiness.

You're the boss now

You pick a jar and fill it up with candies of your choice. There's no doctor who tells you what pills are right for you! You are the boss of your own body.

Domingo describes the store as

Sweet remedies for everyday pains.

The way you do it goes like this

Take a glove, choose a pot, fill to the top, and choose a sticker. Then you take it to the cash desk and you will have a nice time and you will be happy.

Keep the doctor away

Domingo must really hate the doctor. He is not only taking away the authority of the knowledge that the doctor possesses and gives that power to the patient. He is also replacing all the medicaments that we get from the hospital with candies. Who knows what's worse, candies or medicaments? For sure we enjoy eating the surgary candies more.

A good gift idea

This could be a pretty excellent gift idea for someone you care deeply about. But let's be honest, it's not going to be shared.

Happy Pills in Barcelona
Happy Pills in Barcelona
Rambla de Catalunya, 14, 08007 Barcelona, Spania

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