A clinic inside the mountain: Duzdagh

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Having an extraordinary nature always made Azerbaijan unique for tourists. Especially natural healing resources such as thermal spring water in Masalli, healing oil in Naftalan and many others grab attention. In this story, I am going to talk about another natural curative place, which will give you an exceptional experience. Duzdagh is one of the mysteries of Nakhchivan, which is located in the south-west of Azerbaijan. Due to some reasons, air transport is the only way to reach Nakhchivan.

Duzdagh is an 1173 meters high peak in Lesser Caucasus Range, which is located in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in Azerbaijan territory. The direct translation of the word “Duzdagh” means Salt Mountain that comes from the salt reserves in the area. Unlike a normal salt reserve, Nakhchivan salt has a special effect on human health. Thus, in order to be able to take an advantage of this natural healing means, a clinic was built inside the mountain. The clinic is situated just 12.2 km far from Nakhchivan city.

Duzdagh Physiotherapy Center is a remarkable clinic inside the Duzdagh (Salt Mountain), which is equipped with modern equipment. The main illness that is treated here is asthma. The mystery about the healing effect lies on the walls of the clinic, which is covered with salt reserves. The main part of the salt clinic consists of 9 tunnels (2 for men, 2 for women, 1 for children and 2 for the common use of tourists). Moreover, patients do not start the healing process immediately in the tunnels. First sessions take place in the outside of the hospital for 2-3 days in order to adapt. Then the actual treatment starts which takes 20-24 sessions for adults, 14-18 sessions for children inside the tunnels. The result of the treatment is observed in 5 to 30 days and 80-85% recovery achievement is guaranteed.

Besides the Duzdagh Physiotherapy Center, there is a 5-star hotel that offers spectacular facilities within the marvelous nature. The hotel serves the patients, as well as the tourists.

After finishing your treatment, Nakhchivan is an interesting place to explore. Floating island on Batabat Lake and Ashabi Kahf cave are the noteworthy places, which I would recommend you not to miss.

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