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Augsburg is a cute city in Bavaria, Germany. The city itself is one of the most ancient cities in the whole of Germany. It is known that city was founded by the stepchildren of Roman emperor Augustus which means that this city has an over 2000 years of history! It makes it perfect for sightseeing, in fact, Augsburg also on the famous Romantic Tour! Not only rich in history, this city was also one of the richest cities in Germany with its banking families, traders, and medieval artisans.

This wealthy city is close to Munich, so you can reach Augsburg from Munich Airport and then take a train or bus. Since it is a lively university town, public transportation is pretty common in here. But the recommended transportation inside the city is definitely a bike. You can rent a bike from the bus stops!

The first place to visit in lovely Augsburg is definitely the Rathausplatz. In the middle of the Altstadt aka old town, you can find a pedestrianized square and the Renaissance Rathaus which was built by Elias Holl from 1615 to 1620. With its twin onion-domed spires, Goldener Saal (Golden Hall), gorgeous gilded ceilings and of course with its massive banquet hall, The Rathaus is standing with its grace in the Rathausplatz. In here, you can also enjoy the fountain, Augustusbrunnen, which was built to honor the Roman emperor. The fountain has four figure; the Lech River and the Wertach, Singold and Brunnenbach Brooks.

As I said before, Augsburg is a university city, which makes it perfect, if you are looking for traditional pubs, theatre or any shopping facilities. In the pedestrian zone of Rathausplatz, you can find lots of cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and even fancy shops! Don't forget to eat Zwetschgendatschi, which is a famous plum cake before you leave the Rathausplatz!

The second stop should be the Schaezlerpalais, the German Baroque Gallery since it has the best collection of the Karl and Magdalene Haberstock Foundation, the Graphic Collection, the Rococo Hall of 1767 and the Staatsgalerie Alte Meister. Inside the gallery, you can also find the artwork by the famous Baroque painters such as; Johann Georg Bergmüller, Johann Evangelist Holzer, and Matthäus Günther, but even inside the gallery is a fine piece of art.

And lastly the Augsburger Puppenkiste! This marionette theater in Augsburg is famous for its puppets and modern & classic fairy tales plays! This place has also a rich history regarding shaping the puppet shows! Thanks to this old family business, we have puppet box or puppet chest which is called "Puppenkiste" in German. Today, you can watch plays not only for children, also for adults! After the show, don't forget to check out its museum!

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