A Day in Series: Bochum!

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Welcome back to another episode of "A Day in Series"! Today we will discover together one of the most artistic cities in the Ruhr area. Bochum is a center of heavy industry just like other Ruhr cities. During the World War II, the city is almost completely destroyed but you can still find historical places between wide streets and modern buildings. You can reach the city from Düsseldorf Airport -it is 50 km away from there- and by train. To travel within the city, you can use bus, tram, metro S-Bahn etc. .

The first stop should be The City Hall. At there you can see the symetric building which is divided by two parts. At the left part, you can find the fountain of beauty and on the right side, you can see the fountain of happiness! The city hall was opened in 1931 and constructed by Prof. Karl Roth.

The second stop should be the Haus Kemnade. This castle stands right next to banks on the river. Haus Kemnade is a popular tourist attraction with its 17th Century walls, Grumbt and the Ostasiatika collection, treasure room and with its restaurant!

If you want to see the prettiest church in Europe, you have to check out the Christuskirche in Bochum! This Protestan church was built in 1879 but it got almost destroyed in 1943, during the World War II. After the war, it was constructed as a modern new church with new-Gothic steeple as a memorial.

For the museums, since it is a heavy industry city, you should first visit the German Mining Museum aka Deutsches Bergbaumuseum Bochum. This museum shows whatever you want to know about mining and let you experience it! This one of the leading museum in worldwide is open from everyday except Monday.

If you are into old steam engines -Is it weird that the first person who popped in my mind is Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory?-, you should visit the Railway Museum aka Eisenbahnmuseum Bochum.

And for art lovers, you should visit the Art Museum (I know, Germans are not very known with their creative name choices, like lets put art in it and call it Art Museum) . In this great museum, you can find a nice collection of Middle-European and East-European Avant-Garde, German Expressionism, Surrealism, Informal and Cobra!

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Alara Benlier

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