A Day in Series: Dortmund!

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With its world-famous breweries and Borussia Dortmund football team, Dortmund is a cute city with a great history in the North-Rhine Westphalia region in Germany. The city's name was first mentioned in the 9th Century! Dortmund suffered greatly during the Thirteen Years' War in the 17th Century, so today ,sadly, there are not many ancient buildings. But still, you can enjoy 18th-19th Century buildings like churches. You can reach the city from Dortmund Airport, by train or by bus. Public transportation is also very common.

The center of this lovely city has lots of impressive stores where you can buy everything that you can ever imagine. You can also visit the Thier-Gallerie which is the first mall of Dortmund. You can also enjoy various traditional food in here. But don't forget to drink Stösschen which is a traditional beer. This "liquid gold" has a higher percentage than other beers, so it is served in small cups. Also if you don't want to get drunk so easily, you can order Salzkuchen mit Mett, which is a seasoned bagel with raw pork and onions, and Mettente, which is a smoked sausage with mustard. You can also find lots of different kinds of sausage and traditional beer in every restaurant! God bless Germany. :)

Since the football is very important in Dortmund, you can visit the "Westfalenstadion", the biggest stadium of Germany, which is definitely the highlight of the city.

For cultural activities, you can first visit the "Hohensburg", where you can see the ruins of the Syburg dated back to 1100! The second stop must be the Romanesque church, "Marienkirche" ,which is the oldest church of Dortmund, where you can see the Marienalter from 1420 and the Berswordt Altar from 1385.

For more history, you can check out "Mahn- und Gedenkstätte Steinwache" or "Steinwache' Memorial and Museum" in English. In this former police station, you can see the Nazi prisons where over 66,000 people were imprisoned, tortured and killed. You can also see the exhibit about Dortmund during the Third Reich.

You can also smell more than 3000 rose species in "Rosarium" in Dortmund.

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Alara Benlier

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