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When I think about Erfurt, the first thing that comes into my mind is its adorable half-timbered houses. During the Middle Ages, this lovely city, which is the capital of Thüringen in Germany, was a very important trade center that's why today, we can see all those historical buildings that the time has left behind. To reach this historical city, you can take a train or bus! The best way to explore the city is by foot since the city center is pretty small, but of course you can take a tram or bus as in any other German city.

Your first stop in Erfurt should be the Domplatz, where you can see Dom aka the Cathedral and Severi Kirche aka Severi Church! The Dome of Erfurt is also known as St Mary's Cathedral and it is a Gothic styled cathedral which was constructed in the 14th Century. It is also the cathedral that Martin Luther was ordained! Another gothic church near the Dome is the Severi church. For who loves photography, Domplatz is the best place to visit.

As I said before, Erfurt is famous for its half-timbered houses and the best place to check them out is at the Krämerbrücke! This old bridge is also known as the Merchants' bridge which, was built in the 15th Century. This famous tourist attraction doesn't just offer a wonderful view but also offers art handcraft and souvenir shops that you can shop for traditional artwork! You can also rest in a cafe beside the river and this lovely old bridge or you can taste the famous sausage of Erfurt, Thüringer Bratwurst, in many places around here!

Old Synagogue in Erfurt is one of the oldest medieval synagogue of Germany which dates way back to the 11th Century. Today, it is in use as a museum where you can find collection of 12th-14th century religious texts of the medieval Jewish community of Erfurt, Erfurt treasure, medieval coins, goldsmiths' work and jewellery!

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Alara Benlier

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