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A Day in Series: Essen!

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Travel Tips For North Rhine-Westphalia

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Germany's seventh largest city, Essen, is very popular with its famous UNESCO listed coal mines, Krupp family, and a great history. The city's history began during the 9th Century but it became a very important coal mining town during Renaissance. You can reach the city from Düsseldorf Airport -30 km away- or Dortmund airport -45 km away- by plane. You can always use the train or bus option inside Europe. Also, Essen has a great subway, tram, bus system, even at nights you can always find a suitable public transportation! So if you have a spare one day, here is what you can do in Essen!

If you want to check out the world's most beautiful coal mines with a famous Bauhaus architecture, you have to check out Zollverein Coal Mine. This mine is also in UNESCO World Heritage List and a very popular tourist attraction. This industrial heritage also has a design center and several other museums. To reach this place you can take the Tram 107 from Hauptbahnhof/Central railway station.

Zollverein Coal Mine
Zollverein Coal Mine
Gelsenkirchener Str. 181, 45309 Essen, Almanya

Check out the Old Synagogue that survived the World War II. After 1980, this historical landmark was used as a Jewish Cultural Center.

If you want to bury yourself with art, you have to check out Museum Folkwang! It is for every taste as well. You can go through exhibits of photography or enjoy the paintings by Van Gogh or Mark Rothko! The museum also has an impressive inner courtyard and a garden which you can enjoy while wandering around!

If you want to get to know the Krupp Family better, you have to check out Villa Hügel. This impressive chateau is not just a living history, it also hosts an art museum and a concert venue! And another plus: you can also take a peaceful walk in the chateaus amazing garden after visiting Villa Hügel.

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