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Hanau is the birth place of the world famous Grimm brothers. The city is located in amazing Hesse, Germany. Just 30 minute away from Frankfurt, Hanau's history dated way back to 1143. Sadly, the city was bombed during the World War II and couldn't reconstruct properly. Despite that, Hanau is still beautiful and still has the fairytale feeling. To reach this gorgeous city, you can fly to Frankfurt and then take a train. Luckily, the city is reachable from lots of German cities! If you are taking a Germany trip, you can reach here not only from Frankfurt but also from Fulda, Hanover, Leipzig, Dresden, Würzburg, Nürnberg and even Berlin! So if you want to check out Hanau, here is your guide!

The first stop should be the Neustädter Rathaus aka new town hall! Neustädter Rathaus is located in the lovely market square in the city center. This baroque building has a distinctive mansard roof that charms everyone who visits! The town hall was built in 1723-33 by Christian Ludwig Hermann. The façade is executed in red sandstone. Not only that, in front of this eye-candy building, there is the national monument of the Brothers Grimm!

Another highlight of the city is the Philippsruhe Palace! In German, Schloss Philippsruhe was built around 1700 to 1725 for the Hanau Count Philipp Reinhard near Kesselstadt. This baroque palace is located in the west of the city of Hanau. Interior of this palace is breathtaking. Between 1875 to 1880, the central wing was enlarged by three window axes but not only that, the current main staircase was built as well as the upstream column portico and the dome! A large part of the rooms got new stucco decorations in forms of the Third Rococo and wood installations of the Neo-Renaissance. The classicist guardhouses have been replaced by a magnificent, wrought-iron gate with gilding. The castle complex can be visited all year round. In the sumptuous rooms of the main building is the Historical Museum Hanau. The magnificent wedding hall gives bridal couples a stylish ambiance for their weddings. In the garden of the palace, there is a sculpture park and in the amphitheater in the same park, the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale Festival takes place every summer!

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