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A Day in Series: Kassel!

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For me, Kassel is the cutest city in Hessen region in Germany. With its UNESCO World Heritage parks, gorgeous castles and world famous writer the Grimm Brothers, the city is definitely worth to a visit. Kassel's history dated back 900 AD and the city was a heavy industries site by World War II but sadly was thoroughly bombed by English and American planes during that period of time. Despite all of that, you can still see the beauty of the city in everywhere! To reach the city, you can use train to reach the historic Kassel-Wilhemshöhe train station -which is approxiametely 4 km away from the city center- or take a bus inside Europe. So if you want to explore the cutest city in Hessen, here is your guide.

Wilhelmshöhe Bergpark is the world's second largest hillside park which is also in The Unesco World Heritage Site List! This lovely park on a mountain slope also has a Hercules or -Herkules in German- statue which is also a symbol of the city at its top end which is towering over the city. Not only that, when you wander arond this gorgeous park, you will also get to see lots of Greek temples, Medival castles, Rembrandts and Rubens paintings . If you visit here on summer, you can also enjoy the Wasserspiele aka watergames every Wednesday and Sunday!

Inside the Wilhelmshöhe Bergpark, you will also come across with a fairytale-like castle called The Löwenburg castle. This castle was built in 1793 as an artificial castle ruin, stands in the southern part of the Bergpark. In terms of art history, the facility is considered groundbreaking, as one of the first important buildings of the Gothic Revival in Germany as well.

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