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A Day in Series: Marburg!

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Marburg is a cute old city with lots of 17th and 18th century "Hessische" architecture. This small university city was luckily almost untouched during the World War II and lays in the beautiful Lahn valley. Marburg also has the oldest Protestan university, The Philipps Universität , which gives Marburg a big population of students! This old city with young population is definitely worth to visit.

To reach the city you can either fly to Frankfurt and take a train there since Marburg is on the north of Frankfurt. To explore the city you can walk, since it is a very small and cute town or rent a bike/take the bus. Since it is an university city, the inhabitans are from all over the World. The language is hardly a problem in here, you can easily communicate with English and even Japanese or Mandarin! People are also super friendly and very helpful, which will make the experience even better. :)

After stepping out the main train station, you can drink a glass of wine and enjoy the almost all the art form at Kulturzentrum Waggonhalle, which is right behind the train station! Inside of the old Waggonhalls, you can enjoy concerts, cabaret, art exhibitions, theathers and many more. Not only that you can also spend some cash in the flea market to treat yo self!

Waggonhalle Kulturzentrum Marburg
Waggonhalle Kulturzentrum Marburg
Rudolf-Bultmann-Straße 2A, 35039 Marburg, Almanya

Right after train station, the next stop should be the old city town, which is called Oberstadt. In this medieval old town you can check out the city hall, the old university building and the Germany's oldest gothic church! Visiting the Elisabeth Church is a definitely worth seeing and you will be mesmerize while wandering around the old city while hearing the ancient voice of this church's bells.

St. Elizabeth's Church Marburg
St. Elizabeth's Church Marburg
Elisabethstraße 3, 35037 Marburg, Almanya

You can also take an relaxing and enjoyable hiking trip to the Spiegelslustturm and experience the most romantic sunsets over the wonderful view of Marburg. It is also very romantic at nights. And you know you should really hike there, since "exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't kill their husbands. They just don't." :))

Hermann-Bauer-Weg, 35043 Marburg, Almanya

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