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A day in series: Oberhausen!

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Travel Tips For Oberhausen

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Just 39 km away from Düsseldorf, Oberhausen is a cute city in the North Rhine-Westphalia! This "baby city" gained its city status in 1901! It is famous for its steel industry and of course, the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen! With its art galleries and the amazing underwater world, Oberhausen is definitely worth a visit. So, if you just visited Cologne, Essen, Duisburg or Düsseldorf and have a spare day, you should check out Oberhausen!

Oberhausen Castle

Oberhausen took its name from its castle, the "Oberhausen Castle"! This castle was first built in the 12th Century, but sadly it got destroyed and built again in the 17th Century. During the WWII, it was damaged seriously, that's why it was re-built according to its original plans in the late 1950s. Today, this gorgeous castle hosts an internationally renowned art gallery, known as the "Ludwig Galerie". Its beautiful garden offers a great time for everyone who wants to relax after visiting the castle and its gallery. It is definitely the landmark of the city.

Ludwig Galerie

Oberhausen houses many museums, galleries and studios for different tastes. The most outstanding one is the Ludwig Galerie. This gallery is located as mentioned above in the Oberhausen Castle, which makes it perfect for its visitors to explore both places. Inside this gallery, you will find an important collection of Rhenish impressionists and expressionist! In addition, you can also admire realist artists of 70s and international graphics of 19th and 20th Century. This gallery gained a huge reputation with its large cultural, historical and art exhibitions. Caricature, comics, photography, and posters are also very interesting to observe while in here. The gallery took its name from Irene and Peter Ludwig who brought together all these old and modern art pieces. It is worth a visit!

Oberhausen Castle and Ludwig Galerie
Oberhausen Castle and Ludwig Galerie
Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 46, 46049 Oberhausen, Almanya

Sea Life Oberhausen

Check out Germany's biggest shark nursery in the Sea Life Oberhausen! In here you can learn what a swarm ring is while diving and exploring the underwater life with sharks and rays. At the same time you can learn many fascinating facts about the animals. You can also check out almost all the sea animals and feed them! It's is a perfect place to visit with kids. So if you are brave enough to swim with sharks, here is your plan!

Sea Life Oberhausen
Sea Life Oberhausen
Zum Aquarium 1, 46047 Oberhausen, Almanya

Plan your visit to Oberhausen and find your inspiration in itinari now!

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