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A day out with kids in Paris

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Travel Tips For Paris

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Paris, city of light, were every artist can find a place to exhibit his art. The capital of love for some others, a place where you can kiss your loved one under the rain. Well today it’s time for children, or older people who still feel that way. Let's get out and see funny things while visiting Le Jardin des Plantes.

Le Jardin des plantes

The Jardin des Plantes is also known as the Jardin des Plantes de Paris. The headquarters of the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle are located in the district 5 of Paris, on the left bank of the river Seine, and cover 28 hectares (280,000 m²). Since March 24th 1993, the entire garden and its contained buildings, archives, libraries, greenhouses, Ménagerie (which is a zoo), works of art and specimens' collections are classified as a national historical landmarks in France.


La ménagerie

In the middle of this garden there is a really big Zoo called La Ménagerie, you will find animals from all over the world: foxes, kangaroos, great felines. My advice is to ask someone who works in the zoo about the feeding times. Because, when I was a kid, I remember seeing tigers getting fed, and since then it became my favorite animal. If you are really lucky, you will be there the day they feed the reptiles (it happens once a month), it was super impressive to see snakes and crocodiles moving. Because they rarely do so. They also have a lot of great apes of all kinds.

Dodo Manège

In the middle of the park there is a carousel with a lot of different animals that you can ride. It differs from the others, where you usually find mostly horses. I used to live next to this park, and I could come once a day to go on a ride. A couple of years ago, I went back to see it; the manager of the carousel recognized me. He is the owner of this attraction since 1993.


La grande galerie de l’évolution

This museum is in one of the corners of the garden. Inside it, you will find more then 7 000 animals, whether skelettons or stuffed animals. In "La grande Galerie de l'Evolution", you will realize how huge a whale is, by standing next to it. You will also see bones of extinct species, and endangered species. Children really like it because you really see the full animals and not just parts of them. I believe that most children from Parisian Schools came to this museum at least once.


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Gaspard Gros

Hi I’m Gaspard Gros, a French student from Chaville. I have been studying management and Marketing for 3 years. I have travelled around many places. I love (French) gastronomy, skiing, hiking. Follow me on itinari to know more about Paris and the cities around.

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