Cover Picture © Credits to FlyKnives
Cover Picture © Credits to FlyKnives
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A day trip on Tabarca island

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I knew we were going to have a very good time on the Tabarca Island, but everything there was actually better than expected – and my expectations were high. The village with the typical, old, and cute houses, the palm trees, the rocks all around the island, the wall and the fortification, and its blue, crystalline water full of fish and plants make Tabarca one of the most unique islands I have ever been to.

Iglesia de San Pedro y San Pablo
Iglesia de San Pedro y San Pablo

The good thing about this islet is the large amount of exploring offered, not just under the water but above it. It is a place full of history as I explained in my previous article and not many people know about it. The picture above shows the beautiful church built with religious and defensive purposes in mind, during the 18th century. I went there on a day trip with a company called Happy Erasmus in Valencia, which organises cool events and trips for young people and students in Valencia (they are not only for Erasmus students, as I am not an student anymore sadly). After 30 minutes on a boat that we took from Santa Pola, my housemates and I arrived to this magical location and started to explore and walk around straight away. I fully recommend having a coffee away from one of the few restaurants and sit on one of the many cliffs to enjoy the awesome views and the sun, for the beginning of a fun day.

If you walk around this small island you will realise it is easy to find an isolated, beautiful spot to relax, soak up some sun, swim and snorkel, jump in from rocks and have a picnic. Those are all the things we did when we luckily found a nice cove (see the picture underneath) with not many people in which we spent around three hours. I was really excited and fascinated with the huge amount of beautiful colourful fish (and some jelly fish too, so be careful) when I snorkeled in that pure, crystal clear water – though it makes sense as its Marine Reserve is one of the most well-known dive sites in the Spanish Mediterranean sea because of its excellent state of preservation and its rich biodiversity.

It is unavoidable to think about pirates, and people from the Middle Ages when you walk around the cute unique streets of Tabarca full of beautiful, wild cats. You can also find a few bars, restaurants to try typical food of the islet, and souvenirs shops. Here I leave you a video that summarises some of the best moments on the islet.

I really hope my article helps you in case you are one of the lucky people that get to visit the islet, in order to have a better understanding about Tabarca and the amazing things you can do there in a day (since I think one day is enough to do some exploring of the island and enjoy its water and biodiversity).

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