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A Day Trip To Tivoli From Rome

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Are you looking for a getaway from the chaos of Rome? Tivoli is an ideal destination for a short and inexpensive excursion from the capital. Especially if you love garden water fountains, you must not miss the magnificent fountains in Villa d''Este.

Only a 50-minute train ride away from Rome, Tivoli is an off-the-beaten-track city in Lazio. The city is known for its breathtaking view of the Roman Campagna as well as its falls and fountains. This is where nature meets architecture and history.

As you arrive in Tivoli, you may begin your day by walking through the charming streets in the center of Tivoli. Afterwards, make your way to Villa d'Este to marvel at the 16th-century richly adorned villa and its Italian Renaissance garden.

image from instagram
image from instagram

The garden of Villa d'Este is especially delightful in spring when wisteria flowers are in full bloom. The flowers' pleasant fragrance certainly increases the appeal of the elegant garden.

image from instagram
image from instagram

After my visit to the villa, I did not have time to explore anything else because I liked the place so much and spent a whole afternoon there. But if you do have time, do not miss Villa Gregoriana and Temple of Vesta.

Check out this drone video for an immersive view of Villa d'Este, the highlight of my day trip to Tivoli:

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