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A District-By-District Guide of Amsterdam's Clubbing Hotspots: Amsterdam Center

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Travel Tips For Amsterdam

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Everyone flocks to Amsterdam expecting a good time, and a night out in town in the city crowned as Europe's nightlife capital. Amsterdam even has their own Night Major, so you're definitely in the right place! So what's your pick? Leidseplein? Rembrandtplein? With Amsterdam's diverse districts, the list of clubs and venues are endless, and it's impossible to choose from if you don't know where you're heading.

An article curated with ❤ and 🍺for PartyWith, the free app that connects people who love to party. Hi, I’m Izzy and I used to work with the amazing PartyWith team in Amsterdam. Today I write for them on Itinari, sharing my best tips about nightlife in Europe. My goal is to connect people one party at a time. So join me on the app and let’s go dancing💃!

The City of Amsterdam is characterised by its cute "dancing" houses, scenic canals routes, and excess of debauchery that goes on in the night. Travellers most often set foot in the Center to get their bearings orientated before exploring the rest of the city. Therefore sites like Dam Square and Red Light District attract large groups of people, setting an exceptional party mood.


Located close to Central Station, Bitterzoet sets a vintage vibe, donned with graffiti trails on the walls. Once a former church, its intimate atmosphere is coupled with stained glass windows. Their program shows a variety of events from Afro-Cuban jazz fusion, funk jam, hip hop battles, and skateboard shows. With 2-floors to explore, the building comes with a spacious bar, large stage area and plenty of dancing space for all the party animals. At Bitterzoet, international and renowned DJs perform their tropical beats alongside up and coming bands.

© Photo credit by Paula Abrahao / Eivør Pálsdóttir at Bitterzoet


Located close to Leidseplein in the center, Melkweg is one of the most well known and popular dance clubs in the city for its eclectic program meeting all taste, especially among younger crowds. Melkweg, translates to "milky way" in Dutch, the club takes its name from the fact that it used to be a dairy factory. It has now been converted into concert halls with a total capacity of 2200 people. The venue is known for hosting famous performers and touring metal and progressive rock bands. In addition to the halls, Melkweg also has a cafe, theater, and functional cinema.

Techno special:Tuesdays are the new Sundays in Amsterdam. And naturally, Melkweg is part of the game with their weekly "Techno Tuesday" special featuring Dutch DJs and guests. Want more? Read my article about Amsterdam's Best Techno Clubs.

© Photo credit by Rene Mensen


Paradiso is one of the best known Amsterdam clubs, and its legacy is renowned internationally. The club and multifunctional venue in a former church that opened its door in 1967, offering a great experience for both locals and travellers. Starting out as a concert venue, it has now perfected its repertoire for DJ gigs and parties (nottably for Amsterdam Dance Event, ADE) The venue has a grand hall that accommodates 1500 people with beautiful stained glass windows, and open balconies with a great view. In the basement, you'll find more spacious rooms and a cafe.

© Photo credit by Franklin Heijnen / Le Roux in Paradiso, Amsterdam

Don't find what you're looking for? Check out my article about Amsterdam's Best Techno Clubs.

An article curated with ❤ and 🍺for PartyWith, the free app that connects people who love to party.

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