A Film Lover's Guide to the UK- 007 Edition

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One handsome, fearless and stylish secret agent, many beautiful and talented women, luxury cars, tuxedos and lots of ''shaken not stirred'' martinis. Agent 007, James Bond, has become the symbol of class and sophistication since the first film and gained many followers worldwide. I am sure that if you are a fan of the Agent 007, you would want to explore the UK from his eyes. I have picked some iconic locations for you and maybe you can add them to your list for the next time you visit the island.

Vauxhall Cross, London

After years of waiting and believing that so many other locations was the MI6 Head Quarters, The Bond fans finally got to see the real MI6 buiding in Goldeneye for the first time and the same building also appeared in The World is not Enough. This giant and super secure building is located right behind the Vauxhall train station and if you stand at the platforms 3 to 6 you can take a great look at it:) I do it every morning!!

The Barbican, London

I believe the producers did not want to steal the attention from handsome Daniel Craig, so they replaced the real MI6 HQ again with The Barbican. There are a lot of exhibitions and events at the arts venue where In Quantum of Solace took place and it is open to visit for everybody unlike the real building.

Somerset House, London

In Goldeneye, our brave secret agent Pierce Brosnan goes to St. Petersburg for a top secret mission but actually he does not go that far:) The square in St. Petersburg is actually the courtyard of the world famous Somerset House in London. The same building has also been used as the Ministry of Defence in Tomorrow Never Dies. You can always follow the events in this lovely venue and create your Bond experience.

I will be listing some other special locations below including the Eden Project, which was used as the interior space of Gustav Graves' ice palace in Die Another Day and of course the famous River Thames which many of its docks appeared in multiple Bond films.

Also for those of you who are willing to take this a bit further and travel the world Bond style, there are other editors of itinari who are also exposing the top secret places Ljiljana Krejic’s article about the secret spots in the Balkans. I would say check it out and plan your top secret trip whether in the UK or all around the globe 🌍

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