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Couple months ago I wrote a story about the amazing locations to visit in the UK for us Harry Potter fans, however this lovely island has hosted many other films that touched our lives. In every film, there is an iconic spot like a restaurant, bookshop, house or a cafe and visiting those spot can make you feel like you are reliving that scene as a character from the film. I have made a little research for you guys and came up with couple locations to visit from the films I love.

Notting Hill, London

I must say, I have watched the film Notting Hill so many times that I know William Thacker(Hugh Grant) and Anna Scott(Julia Roberts) better than many people in my life:) This love story between an English bookstore owner and a glamorous Hollywood star will take you to the streets of the famous Portobello Road with its colorful houses and antique stores. If you haven't watch the film, watch it before you make your way to Notting Hill, I promise as you walk down the streets you will feel the romance whether you are alone or with your other half.

Trainspotting, Princes Street, Calton Street Bridge

Trainspotting made us all more curious about Scotland, by telling the destructive story of young heroine addicts in 1990's, starring Ewan McGregor(Renton), Robert Carlyle(Begbie) and many other talented British actors. Many of the scenes in the film takes place in Glasgow but the famous opening scene where Renton met his mate Spud running down from Princes Street to the Calton Street Bridge is filmed in the capital, Edinburgh. Another reason to visit this lovely city!! I would say if you watch Trainspotting is you still haven't seen it and if you like it, the second one came out two years ago!!

Skyfall, Glencoe

James Bond himself no matter who he was played by is one of the most famous Englishman in the world. Every single film has its own fans and I believe it is more of a franchise now than just a film about a handsome and perfect secret agent:) Daniel Craig stole our hearts as the sixth James Bond and I think we adored Scotland once again with the beautiful scenes from the film Skyfall. Glencoe is the location where Bond's family house located, well the house is not actually real but the amazing landscape is there for you to see. I think next I will have to write a whole article about James Bond Films locations because there are so many including Cornwall, The Eden Project or multiple locations in London and they are all worth a visit. I will list some more locations of James Bond films down below as well as a separate article about the top secret locations of 007, so that you can add them to your bucket list.

The Glenfinnan Viaduct

The Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland is one of the main and magical locations in the Chamber of Secrets where Harry and Ron lands on the bridge with the flying Ford Anglia:) The train journey with the steam locomotive is currently running in the West Highlands line and you can buy your tickets to Hogwarts Express:) Additionally, If you would like to find out more about the Harry Potter locations in the UK, check my other story out!!

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