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A local's guide to pizza in Naples pt. 2

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Travel Tips For Naples

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When in Naples pizza is a must. In my previous local guide to pizza in Naples I’ve talked about the pizza-etiquette around here and I’ve also mentioned three historical pizza places in Naples that do not need further presentations: Pizzeria Sorbillo, Antica Pizzeria Da Michele and Pizzeria Starita.

This time, though, I want to introduce you some lesser-known (at least among tourists) pizza places that are definitely worth a visit or two. This guide will help you if you’re visiting Napoli in a hurry and can’t wait for hours in line to eat a pizza in one of the above-mentioned pizzerie. Or if you’re already a little bit Naples-savvy and are eager to discover some new local-tasted&approved pizza.

Whatever the case, everybody knows that pizza is always a good idea, so keep up reading for more opportunities to eat excellent pizzas in beautiful Naples!

Pizzeria La Figlia del Presidente

The specialty at the La Figlia del Presidente is undoubtedly the pizza fritta (deep-fried pizza) with ricotta, fatty pork and pepper. Even though this dish can sit heavy on your stomach, here the frying is excellent and, after eating, you’ll fill nothing but joy and bliss. Try it and then tell me if I lied.

Antica Pizzeria dell’Angelo

Located in the very heart of Naples historical centre, this pizzeria offers one of the best pizzas in Naples, in my honest opinion. The choice is vast but not limitless and this helps if you’re like me and can’t ever decide which pizza you want because you want them all. There are also super yummy vegetarian and vegan options. Also, I like the fact that they have tables outside because it’s nice to eat a pizza while watching the city brimming with life outside.

Antica Pizzeria I Decumani

I Decumani is another extremely good pizzeria located in Via dei Tribunali. Its specialty is the mozzarellina (little mozzarella) they put at the center of every pizza. I like it, firstly because the mozzarella there is excellent and then because it’s a one of those little attentions towards the customer that make me happy. The place is not very big but you can usually be seated quite soon.

Pizzeria Concettina ai Tre Santi

Concettina I Tre Santi is off the historical centre and right in the heart of the Rione Sanità. This pizzeria tries to combine tradition and modernity so it’s the perfect place if you feel like experimenting and try some gourmet pizza. Also, you really need to visit the incredible Rione Sanità with its mysterious Fontanelle Cemetery. After your walk there and your pizza at Concettina ai Tre Santi don’t forget your stop at Poppella's for the popular “Poppella's Snowflake”, a delicious pastry filled with ricotta cheese and…well a secret ingredient that you’ll need to figure out!

Pro tip: Naples is one of the best places in Europe for street food! You don’t have enough time to visit everything? Or you want to visit as much as possible while enjoying Naples traditional food? Read my Street Food &Street Art in Naples! I’ll take you for a tour in the most typical neighborhoods of the city while tasting super good street food!

These are just my suggestions for a great pizza in Naples but please don’t forget that here pizza is well prepared and super delicious everywhere you go! It doesn’t matter where you decide to have your pizza… what’s important is to taste a good pizza in the company of your family or you friends or even alone and enjoy all the beauties that Naples has to offer. Buon appetito!

Pizzeria La Figlia del Presidente
Pizzeria La Figlia del Presidente
Via Grande Archivio, 24, 80138 Napoli NA, Italia
Pizzeria Concettina ai tre santi
Pizzeria Concettina ai tre santi
Via Arena della Sanità, 7, 80137 Napoli NA, Italy
Antica Pizzeria I Decumani
Antica Pizzeria I Decumani
Via dei Tribunali, 58, 80138 Napoli NA, Italia
Antica Pizzeria dell'Angelo
Antica Pizzeria dell'Angelo
Piazzetta Nilo, 16, 80134 Napoli NA, Italia

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