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A lost Winery that was found 5 centuries later

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If you did not know before, Kakheti is a homeland of wine. About 500 types of grapes are growing there. Every family has its own tradition of making wine. There are many legends and interesting stories about it. I would like to tell you one of these stories. A true story that inspired me the most and a story, which will definitely inspire you…

Village “Velistsikhe”

Far far away, there is one village in Kakheti and it calls “Velistsikhe.” People say that one great Lord was living there 5 centuries ago. He loved Georgian traditions very much and was a real Georgian man.

He was making wine, had his own wine cellar and several dozens of clay jars (Qvevri). This story dates back to 16th century. However, the village “velistsikhe” exists from the 1st century what was proved by our historians.

Belief of an old woman

Years were passing, then centuries…. And in the 20th century in this house was living one lonely old woman. She did not have any relatives left, but she loved her neighbor's family because they were treating her very well as part of their family.

Grandma was often mentioning stories from the past. She believed that in 16th century her ancestor had a wine cellar and she was always wondering to explore it. However, nobody was paying attention to her words and she was the only one who believed in that. When the old woman died the neighbours found the documents in her old sketch, where she wrote that she left her home to Mrs Nunu who was taking care of her. Mrs Nunu decided to check her words after she read Grandma’s letter where she was asking her to explore this place after her death.

She ordered workers to dig up this place and they really found there an old cellar which was kept from the 16th century. They restored everything and made this ancient place in a very beautiful way. This ancient wine cellar is “Numisi.”

Taste of the past

Nowadays, it is a place where you will feel yourself in the 16th century. Here are dozens of old things from the past centuries, which are gathered by the owner. Furthermore, they have a showroom where you can explore things from the Soviet Union. You can taste there amazing wine, which has quite different, unique taste and quality compared to the wines, which are made in other wine cellars. Visitors can also have a cup of cognac which is 15 years old and many Georgian traditional foods.

Imagine, sitting near the fireplace, tasting a delicious red or white wine and listening to the stories of past centuries. While you are visiting this place, you have the desire to know who was living here a few centuries ago. What was making them happy or sad, what they ate or drank, what kind of clothes they wore and etc… However, the aura of this place makes me feel that all people were happy who were lucky enough to live there.

When you visit this amazing wine cellar “Numisi”, you will be full of emotions and wish to come back here again and again.

Wine Cellar "Numisi", Kakheti
Wine Cellar "Numisi", Kakheti
Velistsikhe, Georgia

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