A Magic Garden: Il Giardino di Ninfa

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Just south of Rome, close to the sea town of Latina, there is a magic location that will steal your heart and leave you speechless. The “Giardino di Ninfa” is a one-of-a-kind garden that extends for 105 hectares with stunning nature, unique and exotic flora, and man-made watercourses that make visitors wonder if they passed through a portal before entering the Gardens.

The history of the place is much intertwined with the way it looks nowadays: in the area where the park is, in fact, there was a city (Ninfa) that experienced a strong development in the Middle Age: roads, castles, walls, mills, and churches were built along with a splendid garden. Unfortunately, malaria hit hard and the city was abandoned and left in decay until the second decade of the XX Century.

The restoration began in 1921 and we can certainly call it an exceptional one. The ancient ruins were embedded in the park, along with new watercourses, springs and fountains. Exotic plans were planted as well as several types of roses that colour the garden in such suggestive and charming ways. Now the garden is often referred to as the most romantic garden in the World and I suggest you visit it in spring time, April and May, when the blossoming is at its peak and the mild temperatures will allow you to experience it at its best.

Once you are done visiting the Garden I'd suggest you to check out Castello Caetani, an acient palace/fortress just few kilometers away. The castle has been used in many ways: at first as a military fortress, then as jail when Napoleon's troop took it, and, at last, as a residence for the Caetani family. The castle is a great example of XIII century'style, not easy to witness now so surly worth the visit!

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Federico Spadoni

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