A Real Life Fairytale- Cappadoccia

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Cappadoccia is a unique historical and cultural heritage located in Central Turkey, Nevsehir. The exceptional landscape, unique geological and cultural features of the city carved into rocks, will make you feel like you have stepped into a fairytale. Think about a little children's drawings , you might look at them and say wow this looks nothing like reality, well my friends many of those drawings comes to life in Cappadoccia and it is all built by the mother nature herself. When i visited this town for the first time, I was around 7 or 8 and I remember looking around and thinking about magical creatures putting rocks on top of tall towers and building a kingdom.... and then our tour guide told us the scientific facts behind this landscape but I still believe some magic is involved during the process:) The natural wonders called fairy chimneys of Cappadoccia are one of a kind rock formations occurring in the Goreme region. Since the Bronze age, Cappadoccia hosted civilizations which added important layers to its historical background. There are also numerous underground cities build for storage and defense for those who are brave to go meters under as well as real life houses carved into rocks. There are many activities to enjoy and I have to say if you are a couple you must try the early morning hot air balloon tours for the most romantic morning ever! Whether you add Cappadoccia to your trip as a stop or just come to Turkey to see this beautiful town, making your way to this beautiful city is pretty easy. The city airport offers shuttle service to the centre and there are many bus tours you can take from cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Bodrum, Dalaman etc. Over-all Cappadoccia is a well-known tourist attraction and it offers a unique experience to its visitors with the carved-from-rock hotels and hot-air ballooning early in the morning to see the city lighting up.

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