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A romantic getaway to Bacharach!

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The city of Bacharach is located in the beautiful Rhine valley. It is a fact that, every city in this region is mesmerising and ideal for a romantic getaway. This small ancient town will amaze you with its half-timbered houses, its finest architecture and of course its amazing wine. This town got its name from the God of Bacchus, who used to supply wine to the ancient territories. No wonder why, this city existed even before the Romans as a Celtic settlement! Just 48 km away from Koblenz, this beautiful town's population is less than 2000 people, which justifies this feeling of sincerity of its people! The whole town is blessed with vineyards and has a beautiful outline. You can reach Bacharach by boat from Köln or Düsseldorf. The public transportation is very common here, but since the town is separated, you can reach the other side of the river with a ferry. So, if you want to explore Bacharach, here is your guide!

Wine and half-timbered houses

As I said before, this city got its name from the God of Bacchus, who was basically in charge of supplying the city with wine; I guess that it goes without saying that trying the local wine is an ultimate must while there! The old town hall is where you can find beautiful half-timbered houses. If you walk along the Rhine river, you will see a lot of them while you can also find the oldest half-timbered house, built in 1368. The old post office might grab your attention, while you definitely have to check the old marketplace! All of them, as mentioned above, can be found in the city center. Oh, and don't forget to do a wine tasting 'carousel' in town!

Bacharach Old Town
Bacharach Old Town
55422 Bacharach, Almanya

The Castle Stahleck

The Castle Stahleck or in German, Burg Stahleck, is a 1000-year-old castle which stands on a hill. This large castle has one of the best views of the Rhine. So, if you're looking for a romantic adventure,I'd say that there is no better place! This 12th century castle is standing approximately 160 meters above sea level, so it is a bit hard to go up there, but once you reach the top, you instantly realise that the view is worth your tiredness and sweat! You can also stay in its youth hostel for an interesting experience.

The Castle Stahleck
The Castle Stahleck
Burg Stahleck, 55422 Bacharach, Almanya

The Werner Chapel

Another must-visit place should be the Werner Chapel. This chapel was built in 1289 in the memory of Werner of Oberwesel, who was a 16-year-old boy. This chapel became a popular pilgrimage site over the years. This glorious Gothic chapel is the landmark of Bacharach town.

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