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A secret town called Narvik

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Travel Tips For Narvik

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My hometown Narvik. The town that taught me how to ski downhill and inspired me too keep crawling up that hill when my feet were completely done. The town who made me understand the concept of death with music, war and the dark side of the ski slope.

Another person who writes about her hometown is Zlata Golaboska. Check out ''When Ohrid is home''

War history for specially interested

It's a complicated story for sure. The Nazis wanted to take over our city for war strategic purposes. We had an ice-free harbor which received iron ore from the train from Sweden. The Nazis wanted to micromanage our town and capture it. For example, they had a concentration camp over in Beisfjord.

Things still happen here

When you come here, I would love to guide you through the essentials. All the stuff you want to do regarding the northern lights is possible here. We have the best off-pist ski slopes in the north! You have local bands playing around in the bars of this town. My papa Ketil for example (He plays bass). When you hear about the wonders of the Norwegian fjords, you have to know that it's right here.

With fjords comes fish

The polish grandfather Wladek tells you: ''The fish is so supreme that the Chinese have a 10x profit on the imported Norwegian fish when they sell on their land!''

The accuracy of the quote above might be questionable...

Anyways, don't be afraid to ask about fish to the sellers. My good friend Sigbjørn at Fiskehallen knows all about preparation and what is good with what. Tell him I sent you.

We have a war museum too

Here you will find old weapons and cars and helmets and maps and movies and sounds and everything you need to know about our military history. The main guy who works there has a never-ending library in his head with information about every little detail you can think of asking.

Hiking trails

HThere are incredible breathtaking views all over the town. The place to go for even more incredible breathtaking views is up in the mountains. You can go up: Tøttadalen, Peppertua, Dronninga and tons of others. Those are the ones I like the most.

Check out ''Hiking in Abisko'' for a Swedish version of Hiking trails

If you don't like hiking but like awesome views

Then take the lift up Narvikfjellet and get the majestic views and the peacefulness of Norwegian nature without the pain and suffering of walking.


This town is a bit underground-famous. That means it's not commercialized all over the world. It's more like a hidden treat for a few select lucky people in this world.

By the way, remember that during the summer there's 24 hours daylight. That's around 21st of June.

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