Cover picture © Credits to anyaberkut
Cover picture © Credits to anyaberkut
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A Tourist Perspective - Albania Off The Beaten Path

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I met Tim two days ago and we had a long conversation about his experience in Albania. It wasn't the first time for him to be here and considering his comebacks, I can say that he had a great connection with Albania. He's been travelling around Albania for a while and he always managed to find the off the beaten track places to stay. Currently, he was writing a book and that's why he chose some quiet places to stay and to get inspired. It was really interesting how passionate he was about his Albanian experience and wanted to prolong it as much as possible.


He considered Albania an everchanging country, he liked how nothing is the same and how this place is characterized by a beautiful "chaos" . Tim was attracted by the colorful cities of Albania and he said that " I don't find it interesting when the buildings and streets are all the same and that's one of the reasons I like this country, you can never find something that equals with something else...It's all about uniqueness."

While we were sharing our experiences, his words made me think how sometimes we ignore what's in front of our eyes. Living for 20 years in the same country, you forget to pay attention at things because they become habits and habits lose their power over us. He was describing to me how much he enjoyed watching the streets full of people and full of youngsters. He liked the energy in the streets because it looked to him that life was more present than ever.

Also, talking about furgons, he told me that whenever he was in one it was always an interesting experience because everytime he would notice something new in the lifestyle of albanian people.

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Elda Ndoja

Elda Ndoja

I am Elda from Albania, moved by the desire to know more about the world. I share stories on my country and I hope you find them interesting as when I read about other countries.

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