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Adana, where history meets modernity

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Travel Tips For Mediterranean Region

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It is a fact that Turkey is jewelled with a lot of ancient cities. Bedded near the Seyhan river, Adana is definitely one of them. With its 8000+ year of history, this city hosted many civilizations, such as the Phoenicians, Assyrians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines Seljuks, and of course, the Ottoman Empire. Adana is one of the most agriculturally productive areas with its flat, fertile land named Çukurova, where the first human settlements have been made. Since it is an ancient city, you can see instantly the touch and influence of these many civilizations in culture, architecture and in gastronomy. This cultural city, today, is divided in Kuzey Adana, "North Adana", and in Yeni Adana "New Adana". In the North Adana, you can admire the old city center with its many ruins while in the New Adana, you meet with the high-rise suburbs overlooking the Seyhan and old city center! So, if you want to explore Adana, here is your guide!

Taşköprü / Stone Bridge

One of the world's oldest bridges which dates back 3500 years ago, Taşköprü has first been mentioned in the stone inscription of the Hittite King I. Arnuwanda in 1550 BC . Legends say that the king poured gold to the "legs" of this bridge, so that if it gets destroyed, people can rebuild it easily. Taşköprü is also the only remaining landmark from the Roman-Byzantine era. This bridge was used as a trade route from the Mediterranean Sea to Anatolia and Persia! Today, it is used to host cultural events such as art exhibitions and theater festivals. It is definitely one of the most popular landmarks of the city.

Sinanpaşa Mh., 01220 Yüreğir/Adana, Turquie

Sabancı Central Mosque

The Sabancı Central Mosque was built in 1988 by the Sabancı Group. It is the largest mosque of Turkey. This Neo-Ottoman styled mosque's interior and exterior will mesmerise you. Its breathtaking exterior is very similar to the Selimiye mosque's one in İstanbul. It has six minarets, a huge dome, several rooms, an amazing fountain and a digital library! If you visit Sabancı central mosque on religious days, you will get to taste the honey sherbet!

Sabanci Central Mosque
Sabanci Central Mosque
Adana, Reşatbey Mahallesi, Seyhan/Adana, Turquie

And of course, the world-famous Adana Kebab!

Adana kebab is hand-minced meat kebab mounted on a wide iron skewer and grilled on an open mangal. It is often served with charred peppers and tomatoes, an onion-sumac-parsley salad, and lavaş. The taste of Adana kebab is famous worldwide since it is made of lamb, red bell peppers and tail fat, all minced together. The best place to eat it, is at the Kebapçı Cik Cik Ali! In here, you can eat the most fresh and the most delicious kebabs! The prices are also very affordable. You just need to know that Adana kebab is a spicy one, so if you don't like spicy food, you have to let your waiter know in advance. Lifehack: "Acılı" means spicy and "acısız" not spicy in Turkish. I am not completely sure whether they'll speak English but the staff is always very friendly and willing to help!

Last but not least... don't forget to drink Şalgam (a drink made from red turnip juice) with it!

Kebapçı Cik Cik Ali
Kebapçı Cik Cik Ali
İstiklal Mahallesi, Kurtuluş Cd., 01060 Seyhan/Adana, Türkiye

Plan your visit to Adana and get inspired by itinari now!

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Alara Benlier

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