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Adventure Sports in Turkey

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Travel Tips For Antalya

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Are you ready for an adrenaline filled holiday? If you are, your new destination can be Turkey. Adventures sports started to become really popular at the beginning of the 1990s and are now an official recognized pastime and form of tourism. Providing natural adrenaline rushes, the surge normally comes from fast speed, high heights or an ability to use effectively use equipment to propel the body out of its comfort zone. Also known as extreme sports, the activity can take place on land, water or in the air. Adventure tourism is something that Turkey excels at and the government is intent on promoting themselves to the international tourism market. The naturally high flow rivers(not too many), amazing sea life and high mountains creates the perfect environment for the adventure sports enthusiasts or even for the beginners. Down below I will be listing some popular options to chose from for your trip!

The Most Popular Activities For Adventure Sports

There are many mountains in Turkey which are suitable for a wide range of activities in basically every season. The main ones would be mountaineering, rock climbing, canyoning, mountain biking, hiking and caving, I will be skipping the winter activities as it will be a different piece on its own:) You can click on the hyperlinks I have provided to plan your trip around these activities.

Water sports are really popular in the holiday destinations of Turkey and I am not talking about the ones that hotels force you to pay so much money on:) Windsurfing and kiteboarding are the most popular ones in the west coast of Turkey. The wind power at the beaches and the climate makes some towns perfect for these sports and the locations are perfect both for the beginners and the pros. Diving courses are also available in most of the coastal regions, however remote locations such as Göcek, Çanakkale, Kaş would be a better choice if you want to see the turtles. ( who doesn't want to see turtles)

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Idil Birben

I am Idil from Istanbul, Turkey, and am currently living in London. I write about my own experiences in these countries.

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