Cover picture © Credits to Dajti adventure park
Cover picture © Credits to Dajti adventure park

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Adventurers, this one is for you! Mount Dajti

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Travel Tips For Central Albania

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Dajti Adventure Park is the newest adventure park of its kind in Tirana. Located in the heart of Dajti mountain, 1000 m above sea level,this park is making sure to give his visitors the best time possible.

Being the newest attraction of the city, this park became in just few days the favourite spot for everyone. The best thing about it is that is acessible by everyone, starting from children to adults. Once you enter at Dajti Adventure Park you can do Zip lining, passing through the rope bridges, mountain biking, paragliding, climbing and other outdoor activities that this park offers.

However,this national park is not only for adventurous people, is for everyone. Being surrounded by the magnificient scenery, spectacular view and fresh air that only the mountain can give, day by day this park is attracting lots of families and people who just want to escape from the noisy streets of Tirana. If you happen to be there during the weekend, you will understand what I am saying.


But,wait...It isn't over!

If you want to fully enjoy the stunning panoramic view, you should take Dajti Express. Dajti cable car is the longest cableways in the Balkans and for 15 minutes you will have the chance to experience a great ride from the city straight into the heart of the National Park. After that, take yourself at the famous restaurant "Ballkoni i Dajtit", where besides the amazing meals you will have a breathtaking view just for for you!

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