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Albanian Cuisine

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Travel Tips For Tirana

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Enjoying the modern 4 in 1 Cuisine

When it comes to the food culture, Albania has a lot to offer to the food lovers out there. Being part of the Mediterranean food culture, Albania will show a new faced off what you have seen or tasted before.


Let me start with the traditional Albanian food. Being located right in the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea, you guess right, the seafood is incredible here. Different kind of dishes from shrimps to fish will make travelers be spoilt for choice. From the famous ‘Tava e Dheut’ to the ‘Fergesa’ travelers can explore first hand a cuisine so rich but still unique of its kind. Fresh vegetables and fruits make it very easy to create special dishes.

because the quality of the ingredient, makes the dish extra tasty.

When you are in Tirana, just have a look at the new Bazaar “Pazari I Ri” where you can find different fresh food. Not only the quality, but also the affordable prices, will stand out from the typical travel destination out there, and make it easy to eat a bit more than usual.

Pazari i Ri
Pazari i Ri

The Turkish Food influence. Being under the Turkish Ottoman Empire for more than 500 years has let his marks also at the food culture. From different meat dishes to byrek you will see at the streets many options where you can enjoy the Turkish traditional food made from local Albanians. Special when it comes to desert you have a lot of Bakeries where you can have the Baklava or other delicacies.

The Italian and Greek Influence. Many emigrants who came back to Albania started their own restaurants . Working in different restaurants and cafés they had the opportunity to get in touch with the rich food culture of those countries. Now the Albanian Chefs have started to offer from amazing Italian traditional pizza to different Greek salads etc. Especially in the bars where you can find great coffee, bold people may dare to say better than in some parts of Italy ;).


As one of the important part of traveling, The food that you will have here in Albania will make your stay much more delightful, full of new experience, a mix of traditional Albanian food with a lot of Italian / Greek and Turkish vibes. Sad this, let's enjoy the food.

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Gerhard Përgega

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