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Come along this new entry of the beach encyclopedia! The series will continue to provide you an overview of the amazing Algarve beaches, from parish to parish, and some closer looks of the sandstrips. Of course, there is nothing like discovering them for yourself on your travels to Portugal. This collection might just be the push you needed to make you go and see them for real! Below, the third and last part on the fantastic parish of Albufeira!

With a few cosier exceptions at the beginning of this list, the easternmost beaches of Albufeira are all very long and wide, making the last kilometers of this parish one of the favourite areas for the huge crowds of beach-goers that gather here in the summer. Along this extension of the coast, it is the cliffs (and of course the infinite sandstrips) that are the highlight of the landscape. But as we continue to the southeast of Portugal, there is also nothing to prevent the sea to always offer warm and calm waters that the Algarve is so well-known for!

Praia dos Olhos de Água

The beautiful Praia Olhos de Água is a very famous beach in Algarve. It offers an incredible seaside scenery, merging the sights of the city with those of the warming sandstrip, the calm waters, the natural rock formations, and the fishermen boats drying in the sun. This is a small marvel of a beach where atmosphere is everything. And when the tide is low enough, there is access to some nearby sand pockets, for a more reserved spot.

Praia da Falésia

Praia da Falésia, meaning 'cliff beach', is so big that it gets divided in several smaller beaches, sharing the same huge sand. Belharucas, Alfamar, Poço Velho and Rocha Baixinha, presented below, are all parts of this fantastic beach that is a popular choice but also offers a lot of room for everyone. If what you really enjoy is a long sandstrip, stretching to the horizon, look no further! The beautiful scenery can also be enjoyed from the numerous trails atop the orange cliffs and sand.

Praia da Rocha Baixinha Nascente

This big sandstrip, eastern side of Rocha Baixinha and part or the larger Praia da Falésia, is located right at the limit that separates the parish of Albufeira from the parish of Loulé, so it belongs to both. Here, the scenery is composed of dunes, low cliffs and vegetation, and the nearby Ribeira da Quarteira and the Vilamoura marina also provide great sights! A long pontoon marks the entrance to them, and the eastern limit to this peaceful, but very popular beach.

With these great sandstrips we reach the end of Albufeira! But of course, if these are not enough for the beach lover in you, don't miss out on other entries: Albufeira has some fantastic spots to the west, and right next to these sit the beautiful Loulé beaches, and you can also discover Lagoa to the west!

Enjoy your visit along the coast of southern Portugal with the help of this encyclopedia on the great beaches of Algarve, and don't forget to take your time to really appreciate the things you see!

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