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All the cliche and not so cliche things to do in Belgrade

Unless you live on another planet (lucky!) then you have probably heard the news - Valentine's Day is on February 14th. And not this just, but every year! Really! And in case you forgot, mainstream and social media is there to remind you. If you are not that media savvy, then I think that wherever you go - stores, supermarkets, squares, pubs, restaurants are there to let you know that in case you don't book something special for that day, the apocalypse will occur. Don't get me wrong, I am the person who thinks love is to be celebrated, but totally against commercialized holidays. So, if you are on the same page with me, either disliking the capitalist markings or simply not caring enough to celebrate, then check out all the things you can do in Belgrade on Valentine's Day and really turn this "holiday" into your utmost advantage.

What we know about Valentine's is that it is a day of chocolates, cakes, balloons, teddy bears and all sorts of useless gifts the loved one is pressured to get you. What we did not know about Valentine's is that it is a day that you can take advantage on the discounted sweets, extremely affordable wine tasting, VIP movie and extraordinary theatre experience. Check out below all the things you can do in Belgrade on February 14th.

Wine tasting - Great news for the wine lovers!In Serbia, Saint Valentine is also known as the Saint of love and wine. Therefore, in Belgrade, you can really take advantage of many bars, found almost at every corner as well as in Skadarlija district and have some wine tasting. The holiday offers some discounts and great deals such as drink for two pay for one, so even if you are alone or with a special someone, it will be a great time. Besides, you can order some food along with it and enjoy the best of the Serbian cuisine.

Sweets at Hotel Moskva - At the top of Balkanska street, Hotel Moskva is the most renowned place not just for tourist accomodation, but also for the best sweets in the city. Enjoy in the amazing atmosphere and great interior of the hotel restaurant, where you will have a feeling that you returned to the 1920s. I am sure that upon entering Hotel Moskva, you will be stunned to see all the desserts offered. Whatever you pick, make sure to try the Moskva Shnit cake, as that is definitely the trademark of the place.

Movie and theatre- Valentine's Day is always an amazing opportunity to enjoy and take advantage in all the benefits that Belgrade cinema and theatre scene offer. You will always find tickets on discounted prices, or, in the case of Usce Cineplex, the most amazing snacks ever. If you are the theatre lover like I am, make sure to check out Beogradsko Narodno Pozoriste (Belgrade National Theatre) and enjoy in the extraordinary performances, just on this day.

Walk at Kalemegdan Park – In the end, my ultimate favorite, and always a great choice is to have a walk at the Kalemegdan Park. Plus, apart from all the things it offers, you can in fact feel the romantic spirit, if you have been really craving for it, as well as enjoy in some heart-shaped sweets, on a rather discounted prices. The best thing about Kalemegdan? You can do this any other evening, and not just on Valentine’s.

Finally, these have been my suggestions as to how to make this Valentine's Day really about yourself and taking advantage on the discounted options. Now, don't think that I am some kind of a cynical skeptic who is here to ruin this holiday for you. As a person always in love, I want to inspire you to try out some new things. So I dare you to spice up this holiday and of course, stay tuned for more inspiration to come.

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