Cover picture © Credits to Dritan Zaimi
Cover picture © Credits to Dritan Zaimi

An escape into nature-Tirana's artificial lake

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Fall season gently arrived in Tirana. Now the city looks completely transformed and every part of it looks more interesting than ever. I guess that all of you enjoy this season for everything that offers but I have to say you will love Tirana in this time of the year.Rain is not present yet and the weather is perfect for an exploration around the city.

Talking about exploration, Tirana's lake would be a perfect choice that will take you far from the traffic, noises and buildings. Just 10 minutes from the center and you will discover an oasis of peacefulness, a place where nature is not forgotten and surrounds every single part of the place. Whether you just want to take a simple walk, to sit and enjoy the view, to read a book, to exercise, to bike, to take a ride on the boat, to have a picnic with friends or to just spend some time with yourself...this is the right place.

Also, you will have the chance to attend a lot of activities around this area. Talking of which, at the amphitheatre happen to be a lot of concerts and film festivals. On the other hand, "Libraria" , a built-up object that has the form of a small room with books in it, offers very interesting and amusing activies. Starting from "Poetry nights" , "Latin dance" , singers performing, plenty of activities for children and lots of other things that you can easily experience.

So, once you come in Albania don't forget to explore the Grand Park of Tirana, it is a must !

Picture © Credits to dvin Rushitaj

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