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Andy Warhol in Madrid

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Alright, alright. You have probably noticed that I love writing about exhibitions and alternative cultural & art centres. Yes, I am one of those people rushing to find what’s new in town and therefore yes, a cultural exhibition is gonna be the case one more time in this page! Yesterday I had the chance to visit one really interesting art exhibition hosted currently in Madrid and of course I decided to share it with you.

I’m not gonna ask you to “guess what or guess who” cause I’m sure that you have clicked on this page noticing THIS NAME on the title. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Andy Warhol is in Madrid! (Well, his art is in Madrid.. just to be specific!).

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, this year the cultural center “Caixa Forum” will be hosting exhibitions ranging from antiquity to great artists of the twentieth century, architecture and design or animation cinema. The star of the season of course will be Andy Warhol! An exhibition on the creative development of Andy Warhol, from his beginnings as a graphic designer in New York, until his death as a universal myth of pop art.

The Caixa Forum
The Caixa Forum
Paseo del Prado, 36, 28014 Madrid, Spain
The mechanical art , the most important retrospective of the iconic American artist with around 350 works, has eventually arrived in Madrid!

The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures, drawings, serigraphs, films, posters, photographic and sound material or record covers and will be hosted in Madrid from the 1st of February and till the 6th of May 2018.

The exhibition highlights the way in which Andy Warhol captures the cult of merchandise that emerged from the industrial inventions of the 19th century. He became popular to the wide audience thanks to his works based on the reformulation of different consumer products such as the Campbell's soup series or the transformation of large icons of his time, as actors, politicians or singers.

Characterized by his “typical of an assembly line”, his mechanical art is seemingly impersonal, while the artist himself cynically denies any intentional spiritual charge.

Ready to admire probably the biggest pop-art artworks of all time? If yes, grab a ticket and visit Caixa Forum! After all, it’s only 4 euros worth-spending! Enjoy!

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