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Around Lake Varese by bike

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Travel Tips For Lombardy

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The province of Varese is famous for its beautiful and very varied landscape, with the fertile countryside forming a backdrop for picturesque villages and places of cultural and historic interest. The grandeur of the Alps is offset by the green of the hills, and especially by the lovely verdant gardens to be found along the shores of the great lakes and in hidden corners of the many valleys. Lake Varese is a glacial lake, fed by a handful of lakes and streams that snake their way down from the nearby mountains.

The Lake Varese bicycle trail is a well-maintained and clearly marked path that circles the lake and measures 27 km. A well-equipped path that is decidedly unique and charming thanks to the picturesque views that bring together the green of lush vegetation with the blue of the lake Rent a bike at one of the rental points along the shore, or head out for a leisurely stroll. Stop for ice cream or a refreshing drink, and take in the views of the lake and mountains beyond. Drinking fountains are located around the lake for your convenience. The path is made of different kind of materials: Gravel, Concrete and terrain. Though most of the path is flat, it is not paved, and there are a few rocky and uphill patches, so a mountain bike is recommended if you choose to cycle.

If you get there by train the most convenient starting point is from Gavirate. From the station, you should take Via Roma, which will lead us to the lake; from here you follow the clear signs to the cycle-path. Continuing in a clockwise direction, towards south you reach Voltorre, where stands a fascinating cloister of medieval origins, then you continue on the cycle-path, surrounded by a great adventure: gliding. By seeing the lake from the glider you will discover a new, exciting and unique point of view. Continuing to bike you arrive the charming and picturesque town of Schiranna, the lido of Varese, and Buguggiate. The landscapes of the track are different and charming, the lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains, water lilies floating in the lake and beautiful lotus flowers.

If you arrive by car in the city of Varese, at the beach Schiranna, there is a bike point: It is called "Lidobike bike rental" and is located in Via dei Canottieri 21100 Varese locality Schiranna. For reservations and info you can call 346.6220200, the owner is a Lebanese boy who for years has been responsible for providing a service to vacationers, Ahmad Zorkot.

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