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Arza Fort - a firm citadel that welcomes you at the entrance to the Boka Bay

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Travel Tips For Mirišta

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When approaching Boka Bay from the open sea, the first things you notice are beautiful, round shaped naval forts known as the guardians of the Bay. One of them is Arza Fort - a firm citadel that welcomes you at the entrance to the Boka Bay. In the past, during the Austro-Hungarian rule, it had an important role in protecting the Bay from the potential conquerors.

Arza Fort

Situated on the Arza Cape of the Luštica peninsula, Arza Fort was built in the 19th century as a part of the first line defensive system during the Austro-Hungarian rule. Together with the fort Mamula and Prevlaka Fort at the Cape Oštro (in Croatia), Arza had a strategic position and aimed to be the first to protect the entrance in the Bay. Unfortunately, none of these Austro-Hungarian forts gets enough care nowadays, as they are often neglected.

However, even after such a long period and our negligence, Arza Fort is pretty well preserved and still has its original shape. Even though the inside of the fort is closed for visits, it is definitely worth coming to this spot. The fort fascinates everyone even just with its exterior, and nature around keeps people spend here more time than they planned to.

Cape Arza and its surroundings

Cape Arza with its cliffs represents a unique spot and is different from the rest of our coast. Several layers of rocks and cliffs and a mesmerizing view of the horizon create a unique ambience, especially when enjoying the view during a bit windy weather. The cape is rich in the vegetation that makes the surrounding even more enjoyable.

Beaches close to the cape are very clean, peaceful and beautiful, and the sea is turquoise and clear. This whole area is perfect for camping, and there are always some people with their tents in the nearby small forest or anywhere where they can find some shade during the hot and sunny days. The other accommodation facilities just perfectly fit the surroundings. The good thing is that both the cape and the beaches, are not very popular and are never overcrowded which enables one to be sure of peace and silence.

The nearest beaches are Arza, Mirišta and Žanjic. Arza and Žanjic are gravel beaches, while Mirišta is a concrete-sand beach. They are near to each other so one can easily check them out before deciding where to swim and spend some time. From the beaches are visible the Mamula Island and a small isle with a monastery – Otočić Gospa.

Luštica Peninsula has incredible hidden and not too much popular spots, and the Arza Cape is one of them. Exploring around is always an adventure with amazing nature around, wonderful views and marks of the past just as it's the case with Arza Fort - a firm citadel that welcomes you at the entrance to the Boka Bay.

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Katarina Kalicanin

Katarina Kalicanin

I am Katarina and the country I know the most is definitely my own: Montenegro. Active hiker constantly in touch with nature, I am eager to present my country to the world.

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