Balkan trivia: Cheap thrills for your stomach in Novi Sad

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Novi Sad is a city you will not forget. Even when visiting this place, you can enjoy excellent rakia. That can lead to losing your memories, but for sure a pleasant feeling will remain in your heart. The northern part of Serbia, Vojvodina, where Novi Sad peacefully exist on a Danube river coast, is famous because of the delicious food you can experience here. Probably you have a similar impression about whole Balkan, but really here you should forget about your diet. Vojvodina actually is where the first Serbian cookbook was released! In short, everything here is delicious. Food is prepared slowly, and you can find even "bird milk"(this expression is used when we, on Balkans want to describe a huge variety of food).

Let's skip the pre-meal, and go to the main course. Actually, I will talk more about "after drinking" snacks or most famous cheap thrill food in Novi Sad, The Index sandwich. An index is small notebook document where the students at Universities are collecting their grades. This was before the student cards took over. And the name of this sandwich has origins from here. The students is their target group. The first idea of inventing this fast food was to fit a poor students budget. It is a bun filled with grilled ham, cheese, sauces, and mushrooms. Nothing special, we can easily conclude out of this quick description. However...

There are people traveling even from Belgrade just to taste this cheap thrill! It is not something that only one place have, it's all around Novi Sad! The inability of making this sandwich somewhere else than Novi Sad leads us to a conclusion that there is something in the preparation, probably connected to the character of the people here. How are they? What are the characteristics about them? The truth is, they're the biggest gourmets, slowest people and most peaceful human beings you can imagine.

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