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Banja Luka Adventure - Carpe Diem time

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Planning to explore Europe’s last undiscovered gem soon? Looking for the adrenaline rush and totally unknown places to conquer? Eager to discover the most adventurous region in Bosnia & Herzegovina? Come, see, and be conquered by amazing Banja Luka and its high-thrill seeking adventures. Just a short distance from Banja Luka, there are incredible opportunities for all nature and adrenaline lovers. If you have pinned mind-boggling Banja Luka in your bucket list, you are about to live once-in-a-lifetime thrill and carpe diem time.

Its main watercourse Vrbas River, that created a fantastic canyon in the proximity of the city (with numerous rapids, waterfalls and cascades), is a natural reserve par excellence. Known as an adrenalin paradise, it offers unlimited opportunities for water sports such as rafting, kayak-canoeing and dayaking.


When it comes to white-water rafting in Bosnia & Herzegovina, the best experience awaits you at the Vrbas River Canyon. This mountainous river offers a top class rafting conditions with breath-taking sceneries and adventurous rides. Therefore, it has already hosted the European White-water Rafting Championship (2005) and World Rafting Championship (2009). One curiosity, Vrbas is the only river where night rafting can be performed, which attracts rafting lovers from all around the world.


Perhaps less known, but even more daring than rafting is a kayak-canoeing. Vrbas River is among rare watercourses that meet strict conditions for this sport. Hence, only in last years, Wild-water Canoeing European Championship (2015) and Wild-water Canoeing World Championship (2016) took place here.


For those that are really physically fit, the best adventurous experience will be canyoning in the Vrbas River Canyon. This mix of climbing, mountaineering, swimming and jumping, will offer memorable moments. You will experience a complete wilderness, just short distance from the city.

Climbing & mountaineering

Extreme rocks in the Vrbas Canyon are the perfect place for climbing, for all levels of difficulty. For less daring, one can hike and admire an incredible view of the canyon, clear springs, archaeological formations, medieval towns, monasteries and some of the deepest caves in the country.

Paragliding & skydiving

After experiencing everything from the ground, wouldn’t be great to enjoy the phenomenal views from the bird’s perspective? You’ve got two options – paragliding and skydiving. A hair-raising rush of adrenaline like no other is guaranteed. A real carpe diem.

Banj Brdo

The final step in your Banja Luka adventure should be conquering the highest peak above the city, a hill called Banj Brdo. When on the top, you will be admiring the best panorama of Banja Luka and Vrbas River. Nobody would be surprised if at the end of your Carpe Diem journey you get nostalgic. It would just mean that you are joining “the club of people in awe of Banja Luka”.

The author

Ljiljana Krejic

Ljiljana Krejic

I am Ljiljana, from Bosnia & Herzegovina. Being a journalist, I can't escape from that perspective when travelling. My mission is to make you explore the last Europe’s undiscovered gem.

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