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Bathe like a king at Tbilisi Balneological Resort

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Balneology, also known as “Bath” or “pool”, is a field in medicine, which studies the medicinal springs and the therapeutic effects of bathing in them. It might also include different kinds of mud, their healing features and the best methods to use them in practice. In this article, I will reveil how to bathe like a king at famous Balneological Resort that is located in Tbilisi.

Tbilisi Balneological Resort
Tbilisi Balneological Resort
9 Vakhtang Gorgasali St, Tbilisi, Georgia

Sulfur Baths

As you know, Georgia is very famous for its mineral waters. The unique features of these mineral waters were explored a long time ago, and people use them successfully to cure different kinds of diseases. Tbilisi Balneological Resort is a nice place located in the Ortachala district, right after the Abanotubani in Old Tbilisi. It is the place of the sulfur baths, from where the history of Tbilisi starts.

According to one of the legends, our great king Vakhtang Gorgasali discovered the warm sources on this territory while he was hunting, and he decided to build a city around it. Until today, the sulfur baths are functional and receive many visitors every day. You can enjoy here not only the sulfur water but also the massages that will give you a fresh and relaxing mood. “Mekise,” who is a masseur in the famous sulfur baths of Georgia, performs the massage.

Abanotubani district, Tbilisi
Abanotubani district, Tbilisi
Abanotubani, Tbilisi, Γεωργία

A history of the Balneological Resort

Nearby, there is a historical building of a Balneological Resort. This unique project was conducted thanks to the famous physiotherapist Mikheil Zandukeli in the first part of the 20th century. According to this project, a complex of this resort had to be located near the Residence of Krtsanisi Government. It was opened in 1938.

The idea was to create a resort complex in the heart of the city, that would also include a botanical garden, but this plan was not fully accomplished because of the big civil war. However, they still managed to create a balneological resort that successfully serves its clients today. A Balneological Resort of Tbilisi is rich in its natural resources such as healing mineral waters and famous healing mud.

The Resort now

Nowadays, the resort is fully furnished with the modern equipment and technologies. It is a rehabilitation center that offers its visitors very useful procedures. You can enjoy the sulfur baths, volcanic medicinal mud applications, physiotherapy, different types of health-improving massages, etc. These procedures are appropriate for the adults, but also for the children. You will meet very professional medical staff, and they will do their best for your comfort and health.

In 2011, the Tbilisi Balneological Resort where you can bathe like a king, was nominated as one of “the best touristic recreational center of the year.” Their doors are open for the tourists as well, and you can enjoy their famous procedures at affordable prices. So, if you want to refresh yourself, visit this resort while you are in Tbilisi and improve your health and mood.

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