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Beer, Bars and Rock'n Roll in Mons

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Mons, such a small and lovely town... That is for sure! But what makes it charming, it is first and mainly its festive locals, who are always welcoming and joyful... If you like to Party, to drink great beers (traditional ones or specialties), to listen to good music and hang out with nice people, I'll take you for my bar tour through my beloved Mons and its surroundings. Cheers !

To start the story, let me first share with you a thought about the once-locally-famous bar "Bateau Ivre". This bar, that was located on the Grand Place, used to propose rock concerts and other kinds of music, jams, live music and many more various cultural activities. It is now closed but I'll never forget the great moments spent in this place and what I just want to say is 'big up to the Bateau Ivre Family'! and thank you for being so special to Mons and its people!

For students but not only: the Marché aux Herbes Square

If you are a student, it is the Place To Be. This is a major party spot, the center of nightlife in the town. In this area you will find many bars. In summer, you can have a drink on a terrace, and in winter you can visit every bars to warm you up. Every Friday, things go just crazy there: it is the best time for you to discover the atmosphere of the « Marché aux Herbes ». Of course, tasteful Belgian Beers are everywhere, but you can also taste a shot of « Couilles de singes », « Peket » or « Golden Strike ». Obviously, you 'll find « Happy Hour » everywere and listen all sort of music, from Hardcore to rap & RNB. Also, events of all kinds are often organized. Below, my little selection to have a great time.

All you need is an Irish Pub

In Mons, there are two Pubs, an old and a new one. The old one is the traditional Irish Pub where you can go at any time of the day, there is always a great atmosphere and lots of people. This was the first pub I visited when I was 15 years old and now, it always makes me smile when I see teenagers there... The place has never changed, it's relaxing and so cool. But, if you want a pub more modern and trendy, go to the new Pub, the Citizen Fox. You can enjoy good beers, cocktails and delicious big burgers too.

Life is Belgian

The place to go, right on the Grand Place, if you want to try typical Belgian drinks. There you can enjoy various so-called pekets, fruit wines (among which the gorgeous grapefruit one) and beers.

La Vie est Belge
La Vie est Belge
Grand Place 40, 7000 Mons, Belgique

Âne Barré

An old "institution" located in an islet within the Grand Place, it kept changing style and management throughout the years, but managed to remain a central spot for entertainment and nightlife.

L'Âne Barré
L'Âne Barré
Grand Place, 7000 Mons, Belgique

Crazy beers

Flambing beer, flambing mind

If you like beer, you must try the famous "Bush flambée" (Flambing Bush) at the bar La Lorgnette. This unmissable place is located on the Grand-Place and I promise, you will have a crazy evening. It's a rock atmosphere where you can play kicker and darts or sometimes sing karaoke. It is a jump back in time and it will be a night to remember!

La Lorgnette
La Lorgnette
Rue des Clercs 2, 7000 Mons, Belgique

Burst of beers and infernal tower

Another bar and Dubuisson brewery that I particularly like is the Brasse-temps located at the cinema Imagix of Mons. After seeing a movie, it's a good place to enjoy a drink or eat something. And what is mostly fun, it's the « Rafale de bières » (picture above) or the « Tour infernale » (Tour with 7 Beer Riders).

Boulevard André Delvaux, 7000 Mons, Belgique

Wide selection of Special Belgian Beers

But, if you want just one glass, with normal size, in moderation, it's possible! There are several cozy bars and quieter which propose a large selection of Special Belgian Beers ans where you can ask for advices. I just love it! Aroma Hops and Copenhagen are in the center of Mons but the La Bibliothèque is situated in Saint-Ghislain, about 20km from Mons.

You don't like beer?! Don't worry!

Tea Time!

I take you to the Ropieur, a bar which is the rendezvous of the artists. Customers are more mature here and we often meet regulars and friendly people. It is not uncommon to hear people singing on the terrace during the summer evenings. In winter, you usually play Domino while drinking their delicious rum tea with thyme and honey, their specialty, and I love it! There are also nice teas without alcohol and of course beer.

Le Ropieur
Le Ropieur
Grand Place 14, 7000 Mons, Belgique

Wine Time!

Sometimes, we just need a sweet moment... And, to taste a good glass of wine in a quiet and nicely decorated place, it is at the wine bar O Bar'Hik that you'll find satisfaction. A place where you feel good with full of discoveries and quality ! You can fall in love with wine.

Ô Bar'Hik
Ô Bar'Hik
Rue de la clef 8, 7000 Mons, Belgium

Cocktail Time!

I finish by a bar lounge, the Cocoon Club and its friendly manager and his wife. He propose a large selection of cocktails and other drinks. Especially music lounge or pop rock but, sometimes, house music partys are organised and you can dance all night.

Cocoon Club
Cocoon Club
Grand Place 13, 7000 Mons, Belgique

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