Belgrade Greenery: Park Topcider

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Central Belgrade park

If you are lucky enough to be in Belgrade in April, you are lucky enough. Spring is the most beautiful time to have a Balkan trip, stop in Serbian capital and really indulge in all your five senses. Today, we are going a bit further that the center of Belgrade. I am taking you to one of the oldest and the most glorious parks in Belgrade, Park Topcider (Topciderski Park).

Park Topcider of Belgrade
Park Topcider of Belgrade
Topciderska, Belgrade, Serbia

Widely known as "The Central Park of Belgrade", Park Topcider is one of the largest and most beautiful green areas in Belgrade. As a matter of fact, this is the first European park in Serbia. Although it is only less than 15 minutes away from the city center, you will be impressed to feel as if you have left the city, as it is still a quiet area with plenty of opportunities for relaxation, cycling, roller skating, jogging or simply enjoying in the wonderful picnic with your friends. Topcider Park extends over an area of about 13 hectares, in the valley of the magnificent Topcider River, so you will really have a feeling as if you found a paradise on Earth.

Today, Park Topcider is part of the Spatial Cultural and Historical Complex, consisting of groups of historical buildings from different periods of time, historical parks with fountains, and myriad of monuments that characterize the rich cultural and historical heritage of the region with remarkable significance. What makes this park so unique and special is that is really enriched with uncountable monuments, dedicated to various important events of Serbian history. Moreover, the park is a unique landscape-architectural spatial composition in which a large number of plant species are harmoniously connected and nurtured. That is one out of many reasons is that the nature of Park Topcider is placed under protection due to the natural, cultural-historical and landscape values ​​of the area, as well as incredibly rich flora and fauna.

Throughout the park, you will see the most amazing stream flows of Topcider river, in addition to the park's many fountains and small lakes. All this, along with the fresh air, sun and spring breeze can really make your stay at Topcider Park memorable.

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