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Belgrade Greenery: Tasmajdan Park

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There is absolutely no way to have a journey of Belgrade greenery, and miss this spot. Located in the very center of Belgrade, right next to Madera restaurant, this park is another place where I have spent many happy years of my childhood. It is a perfect spot for people with children, group of adolescent friends, or a romantic couple who would love to get away from the city crowd and enjoy in the nature. Today I am taking you to, by far, the most famous park in Belgrade, Tasmajdan Park yet revealing you some things you maybe did not know about this well-known spot.

Tasmajdan Park of Belgrade
Tasmajdan Park of Belgrade
Palilula, Belgrade, Serbia
Madera restaurant in Belgrade
Madera restaurant in Belgrade
43 Bulevar kralja Aleksandra st., 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Tashmajdan Park is today by far one of the largest and the most beautiful parks in Serbian capital. That is why here you may find uncountable different ideas to fulfill your spring day. For children, there are newly renovated playgrounds, offering various entertaining activities, so that, in case you are a parent, you can relax while they are playing with their peers, and not worry about them for once. If you are an adult, or trying to be one like some of us, then you can try out the coolest giant chess located in the central area of the park. Trust me, there is no way you will be able to miss it! Also, Tasmajdan Park, with its beautiful, vast green areas and grand fountains, is not only a wonderful place for taking a pleasant walk, but also a rather instagramable spot. And in case you have a dog, you can let it run freely in the enclosure for dogs, as the park is extremely pet friendly.

However, the thing that you perhaps did not know about this park is that the word "Tasmajdan" was derived from the Turkish word "tash", which means a stone and, "majdan", which means a mine. According to historians, since ancient times, on the site of today's Tasmajdan stadium, there was a stone of Mayan. For many centuries, this extravagant quarry provided a rather necessary material for the construction and repair of the fortresses of the Fortress on Kalemegdan, as well as for most of the buildings in Belgrade. However, in the 17th century, Tasmajdan could no longer settle the needs of the city for a stone. Nevertheless, beneath Tasmajndan Park, there is an array of hidden catacombs, lagoons, caves and corridors that are not explored enough yet. The park, also offering many facilities such as outdoor cinema, indoor and outdoor pool during the summer, hides some secrets and precious gems that are yet to be explored.

Kalemegdan Fortress
Kalemegdan Fortress
Belgrade ,, Belgrade, Serbia

In any case, spending a spring day in Tasmajdan Park can never be a bad decision. Apart from incountable leisure activities, you may learn a lot about the history of the region through many monuments located in the park. And if you dig enough, maybe find out some hidden gems underneath.

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