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If you are still an old-school kinda soul, who loves buying clothes in actual stores and shopping malls instead of online shopping, then you are reading the right article. I believe no click on the screen of your phone or laptop can actually replace the thirll of going to million different shops, either alone or with your friends, browsing, searching for that one perfect item, touching it, trying it out, paying it at the spot and bringing it home with you. I know, for some of you it may seem excrutiating, but if you are the person who enjoys a good spending spree, then allow me to guide you to the best spots in Belgrade for shopping.

If you find yourself in Belgrade, craving for some good shopping and clueless where to go, this article will help you find your way!I would humbly say that in general, Belgrade people, especially women, are known to be always dressed up and following all the latest trends. Whoever visits this city, always has a comment on how women are always suited up, so to say, sometimes even to the extreme, like for instance, wearing high heels all the time and not that comfy clothes. But we all know that comfort sometimes suffers for fashion, and that is the case in Belgrade. Despite the fact that perhaps this Serbian capital might not always be the best choice when shopping, there are still some good places where you can actually buy clothes from famous brands as well as some haute couture.

First, I would warmly suggest you to take a walk to the very center of Belgrade and check out the iconic Knez Mihailova street. From the Republic Square until Kalemegdan, you will find numerous stores from the brand such as Zara, H&M,Mango, Mac, Massimo Duty and many more.

If you prefer shopping outdoors, and not in standard malls, then this is the right place for you. The stores are somewhat close to each other, so it is not like you need to walk through the whole city to check out the latest trends. Knez Mihaiova has its charm and it is really the touristy spot, so I would not miss it for sure. However, if you prefer the experience of large shopping malls, with plenty of different stores and crowded areas, then I would definitely suggest you to go to Usce Shopping Center and Delta City. Both located in the new part of Belgrade (Novi Beograd), these huge shopping malls offer an array of different stores for every budget. You will be surprised to see the choice!

Another perk while shopping at the mall is that you can always stop for some refreshments, quick bite (women get hungry after excessive spending), coffee or even a movie. These huge shopping malls offer many tradditional, American, Italian, Chinese and Japanese restaurants. Another good news for the smokers! At Usce Shopping Center, there is a huge terrasse, where not only you can have a relaxing cigarette with your coffee, which is quite unusal at the shopping malls, but also enjoy in the amazing view at the rivers Sava and Danube.

I hope you got a clear overview of the shopping spots in Belgrade and that you will find what you were looking for. I dare you to try the spending spree experience in Serbian capital and of course, stay tuned for more inspirations to come.

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