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Belgrade tales: Madera restaurant

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Kafana that writes history

In Balkans, it is said that kafane (traditional restaurants in oriental style with live music) make history. Kafana is the place to gather with many people, try the most delicious wine and rakia, and enjoy in the amazing atmosphere of constant celebration, without any particular reason needed. It is an essential part of Balkan culture, and an inevitable place to go to if you want to get to know the real Belgrade. Although this place I am taking you today is not a kafana in a traditional sense, well, not anymore, but it still represents a crucial part of history, symbol of bohemian Belgrade and a preserved monument. When visiting Serbian capital, it is inevitable to go to Madera restaurant, a place rather posh yet carrying rich history of famous individuals.

Madera restaurant, located nearby Tasmajdan Park, is a famous place where many renowned bohemians, ages ago, started and ended their day. At the place of Madera restaurant today was a traditional kafana called Smederevo, where it is said that all of the horse ridders used to gather. Then back in 1937, in the spirit of the modern movement, a huge monument in the honor of bohemains was build and named Madera. The legend says that the restaurant got its name after one of the guests who brought excellent wine from the Portuguese island of Madeira. This restaurant gathered city bohemians, famous artists and journalists, popularly called "maderas". Among them are Dr Aca Obradovic, Predrag Milojevic, Ljuba Tadic, Miroslav Radojcic, Den Tana, Miljan Miljanic, Slava Djukic, Ljubisa Vukadinovic, Dragoslav Sekularac and many other.

Today, Madera restaurant is characterized by a very fashionable, fancy look, which dates back to 2003. Among Belgrade born, as well as its tourists who come to this restaurant at least once, Madera remains the ultimate favorite, and there is no doubt why. Every bit of Madera is a unique gastronomic experience.

Extremely professional, friendly and kind staff will make you feel very welcome the moment you enter the breath taking interior of Madera restaurant. It is enough to say that excellent local as well as international cuisine is served here, as you will see foreign guests returning here to try some of the unique delicacies. If you love wine, then this is your paradise! You may choose delicious wine from all over the world. Either you pick white, red or pink, you will not make a mistake, as it will always be the best one. Here you may meet some of the Belgrade artists, athletes, politicians and public figures, if that matters to you. However, I must tell you that Madera restaurant offers definitely the greatest array of desserts, from tiramisu to ice cream, so it is very hard to make a choice, as you can see in the picture above. Finally, if you have a good taste for food, wine, good service and legendary spots, then definitely go to Madera restaurant.

Madera restaurant in Belgrade
Madera restaurant in Belgrade
43 Bulevar kralja Aleksandra st., 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Tasmajdan Park of Belgrade
Tasmajdan Park of Belgrade
Palilula, Belgrade, Serbia

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