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Best Bars in Tirana Series- E7E & The Funky Moustache

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Travel Tips For Tirana

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Regarding the best bars in Tirana, now I will give you two more suggestions. Let's start with E7E or known by the locals as "E Pershtatshme".

It's quite hard to say if E7E is mainly a bar, a restaurant, a bookshop or a library. But without doubt, I can say that this place is perfect for all I mentioned above. Depending on what you are interested, you can find a spot in the bar that totally completes your needs. This bar is such a relaxing place and it gives you the impression of entering a house with a large number of rooms which are all for you. As soon as you go in, you will spot an amazing library with so many books and you can take one to read it there. In every corner of E7E you can feel an artsy atmosphere because this bar also hosts cultural activities and live music. Especially students, use this space not only for a hang-out but also for entertainment and doing their group projects. Furthermore, this place is visited by many tourists and you will have the chance to engage in other cultures except the local one.

©Lowen Inn Bed and Breakfast
©Lowen Inn Bed and Breakfast

Picture © Credits to Lowen Inn Bed and Breakfast

The second bar on my suggestions list is The Funky Moustache !

The Funky Moustache it was the first juice and smoothie bar in town and it follows the concept of natural food and healthy eating. It became a popular spot in just a short time especially for the hipster crowd. This bar follows a minimalistic design, which I really like and on the tables you can find books of photographs so while you're waiting for your order to arrive, take a look at the photos. I must say that the sandwiches and smoothies I tried there, are the best by far but if you are not so much into them just order a coffe or a macchiato. And you want to know their motto? "IT'S SO FUNKY."


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