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Birding paradise on a lake near the Adriatic sea

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You are ornithologist or just nature and bird enthusiast? Or you love relaxed time in the shade outside big cities and beach crowd? You prefer freshwater than saltwater? But again you love seaside and mountains? Sounds impossible but it’s real. Vransko Lake Nature Park offers all of this. Birding is the most popular "sport" when we speak about Vransko Lake and its Nature park near the Adriatic sea.

The biggest natural lake in Croatia

Vransko Lake is located in Dalmatia region, in Zadar and Šibenik-Knin County or half way from both Šibenik and Zadar. Also, if you are visiting Biograd na Moru, Vransko Lake will be definitely option for a day or two day long excursion. If you are hiker I’d recommend walking around the lake and enjoying view on the lake and the sea in behind. When the day is clear Kornati islands are visible. Lovely sunset photos are guaranteed. Camping is also great option but you should consult the park’s official website and find perfect camping spot. Water in the lake is very specific - a bit salty since in southern part seawater is penetrating the lake.

Ornithological paradise

Here in Nature Park Vransko Lake bird fans can find something special for their eyes and photo-albums. Ornithological reserve is located on the north side of the lake. Bird enthusiasts will have opportunity to see more than 200 different bird species. Vransko Lake birds educational trail is popular among students but also it´s dedicated to all of us interested in birds, animals and nature in general. With bird watch and ornithological station this place will be interesting stop on your Croatian adventure.

In the end enjoy this video about our bird-park:

Vransko Lake
Vransko Lake
Lake Vrana, Vrana, Croatia
Ornithological reserve Vransko Lake
Ornithological reserve Vransko Lake

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