Blue Grotto: A Day Trip From Valletta

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If you love the color blue, a visit to the Blue Grotto in Malta will feast your eyes on some of the most beautiful shades of this color.

The Blue Grotto is accessible by bus from the capital Valletta of Malta. You would have to change once and keep in mind that the bus system in Malta is not always efficient, especially during winter times. Still, do not be put off from exploring the south east coast of Malta.

Once you are there on a sunny day, make sure to take a boat tour, which costs only 8 euros per person and lasts for around 20-30 mins. The tour guide will show you the most interesting parts of the sea caverns including one called the Temple. The water is incredibly clear. Afterwards, you can walk around to take pictures of the cliffs and then have lunch with a view. Swordfish is especially popular there. The best part is that the price is reasonable.

The Blue Grotto is perfect for nature lovers. Although it is not incredibly breathtaking and may not be as spectacular as the Blue Grotto of Capri in Italy, it is still a fun trip to do while in Malta. A visit to the Blue Grotto is nothing adventurous so it may be suitable for families and seniors. The attraction can be done in half a day.

Blue Grotto, Malta
Blue Grotto, Malta
Qrendi, Malta

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