Borjomi Local History Museum, one of the oldest in Georgia

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As you might already know, Borjomi is a great place where you can relax in a calm environment and beautiful nature, taste different kinds of mineral waters and feel healthier. While visiting Borjomi Central Park and enjoying nature, you will definitely want to know more about this place. In this article, I would like to tell you about the Borjomi Local History Museum that is one of the oldest in Georgia.

Borjomi Central Park
Borjomi Central Park
Borjomi Central Park, 50 9 Aprili St, Borjomi 1200, Georgia


This museum is distinctive because it is located in an old historical building. It was built in 1890 by a German engineer named W. Schweier, and it attracts visitors thanks to its beautiful architecture. Before the museum, a famous Romanov’s office was located here. The Borjomi Local History Museum was opened in 1926. Among its exhibitions, you can find many different and unique items.

Description of the museum

Nowadays, around 36,000 exhibits are spread over different areas. You will see the representatives of Borjomi’s flora and fauna, many taxidermies of various birds and animals. On the top of that, there are many interesting and beautiful plant samples including very rare ones. A very old tree that turned into a strong stone will make you think that its some precious stone.

Borjomi Local History Museum
Borjomi Local History Museum
Borjomi, Georgia

In my opinion, the most interesting section of the museum is the one where you can see the private objects of the family Romanov. Pay a special attention to the drawings on their tableware for tea, coffee, dinners, etc. After this section, you can move to the place where a history of Borjomi mineral waters starts. You will see how the very first mineral water was bottled, what kind of label it had and also different forms and sizes of the bottles that were changing over time. A local guide will tell you how it was transported across the territory of Georgia and exported to Russia. Several bottles that survived from the first production are also displayed in this museum, which is very interesting to see.

Here, you can see some stone tools of primitive humans, that were discovered in this region and kept in the museum. Also, there are different monuments and agricultural tools from the Bronze Age.


While you are walking from one room to another, you are captured by the variety of items of this museum. Time flies fast there, and you will want to go back one day. I still remember a little teddy bear that can be seen in the animals section. It does not move, but you can still notice his sadness about the heartless hunters who made him and his friends the museum’s exhibits.

The museum is open every day, and the entrance fee is around 1 Euro. I suggest you visit the Borjomi Local history Museum, if you want to know the interesting facts about Borjomi. It is one of the oldest museums in Georgia, that will make you see this place from an entirely different angle.

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