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Borjomi – The sparkling water that makes you feel part of Georgian nature…

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"Borjomi" is the most famous mineral water in Georgia that has the volcanic origin. In contrast with other waters, it does not have enough time to get cooler, so the water is very warm when it rises to the surface of the land. (37-47 degrees)

The unique features of this mineral water are known from the ancient times. What about the stone baths and the clay pipes which were found during the archaeological excavations, it proves that “Borjomi” was used not only for drinking but to fill the baths as well.

Borjomi – favorite destination for tourists...

In the XVI-XVIII centuries, because of the wars, the inhabitants left the city of Borjomi. Right after Georgia joined to the Russian Empire, this mineral water became the center of attention again.

The research of Borjomi springs started in 1927. Prior to the works, there were two natural sources known: Evgeny and Ekaterine sources. The sources were named after Colonel Evgeny and her daughter Ekaterine. People say that Ekaterine was once cured thanks to these natural sources from the unknown illness.

The first park around Borjomi springs was built in 1850 and the construction of the first factory started in 1854, where Borjomi was bottled. The Borjomi mineral water has also attracted the attention of Romanovs (Russian aristocratic family.) Mikheil Romanov loved to be in Borjomi very much. That’s why he built there not only a summer house but also he ordered to Alexander Gustav Eiffel (the architect of the famous Eiffel Tower) to build the bridge. This historical bridge is located near Tsagveri, next to the Borjomi-Bakuriani railway lines. It was completed in 1902. The Eiffel Bridge makes Borjomi’s nature more interesting and attractive for tourists.

Drink Borjomi, be healthy!

A single drop of “Borjomi” is invaluable. That is why obtaining of this resource is strictly defined by the authorities. This process is natural and the mineral water rises to the surface without pumping.

Nowadays, the healing features of Borjomi mineral water are famous not only in Georgia but also in many other countries. It is used in the treatment of several digestive diseases and diabetes. It is exported to over 40 countries and is considered as one of the symbols of Georgia.

I am always happy and proud of the fact that many of my foreigner friends and tourists tell me that they have tasted Borjomi in their countries and they liked our mineral water very much. However, Borjomi is much tastier when you drink it in Georgia, especially in Borjomi city. Georgian mineral water is full of beneficial minerals. Here is one tip from me, Borjomi mineral water is the best cure for hangovers. So don’t be afraid of Georgian strong alcoholic drinks, as you can have Borjomi in the morning!

Borjomi Central Park
Borjomi Central Park
Borjomi Central Park, 50 9 Aprili St, Borjomi 1200, Georgia

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