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Bosnia's famous aerial spa - Kozara National Park

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Whether it be hiking, climbing, biking, skiing, hunting or just walking and herb picking - Kozara is your ticket to an unforgettable nature experience. National Park Kozara is a health resort, unique for the fast process of regeneration of red blood cells. This is the place where you can breathe in the fresh air of the wonderful forests, while engaging in various activities.

Straddled by four amazing rivers of Vrbas, Sana, Sava, and Una, this national park is situated in the northern region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It encompasses deciduous and coniferous forests, valleys, meadows, mountain springs and the abundance of flora and fauna. Although the height of its peaks does not exceed 1000 meters above sea level, mountain Kozara dominates this part of Bosnia with its height, vastness and beauty.

Kozara is a popular hunting ground, with a 18,000 hectares of the park open to regulated hunting of deer, pheasants, foxes, boars, hares and ducks.

Hiking tours have a long tradition as well. Marked hiking trails provide an excellent opportunity to get to know the mountain, enjoy its picturesque landscape and simultaneously improve your physical condition. In winter months, there is a small ski lift and ski equipment available for renting, as well as lodging possibilities.

The central part of the Kozara National Park is dominated by Mrakovica plateau, a place where numerous cultural events are hosted over the year.

In every season, Kozara offers something special: with the coming of spring the dense forest areas come to life, in the summer the fresh air and summer shade of high conifers provide relief from the heat; autumn enchants with its colors, and in winter the snow cover allows you to enjoy the delights of winter sports.

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Ljiljana Krejic

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