Brussels holy trinity: Guide to the best fries

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If you would stop for a second now and think about the things that come to your mind when I say Brussels, I am sure you will come up with many interesting answers and associations. It could be the European institutions, Tin Tin or the attractive accent. Or it could be the never-ending rain, complicated bureaucracy and weird accent. Believe me, in any case, you will not be right. As a person who has a love-hate relationship with the European capital, I can tell you that if you allow it, this city will grow on you so much, that you will love it despite all the reasons to hate it. In fact, you will love all those "bad" things too. However, I must say that one of most important things you should know about lovely Belgium, the country of schizophrenic climate and Hercule Poirot, and its capital Brussels is that it is a country of holy trinity: beer, chocolate and fries. It is a love triangle of all those complimentary and not so complimentary things that somehow together make perfect sense. They all have in common one virtue though- all of them make your life better!I believe this is a strong enough reason to stay tuned for the super useful guide to the Brussels holy trinity.

Today, as the first step of getting to know the not-so-healthy Brussels holy trinity, I am taking you on a guide to the best fries in Brussels. I hope you are hungry and ready to embark on this adventure.

Frankly, when I arrived in Brussels, I never understood how fries can be a whole meal. For me, they were a snack I was never particularly fond of and something you eat with your burger. Well in Brussels, the situation is different as there is a whole different culture of eating fries - basically at anytime! Be it for lunch, dinner, movie snack or even while you are drinking beer, which testifies to the complimentary aspect of the Brussels holy trinity.

One of those places is definitely, by far the most famous, Maison Antoine, established back in 1948 (wow!). In fact, the spot is so famous that there is always a constant line of people waiting (seriously, how is this even possible?) and so renowned that even Angela Merkel was waiting in that very same line too (well, we are not sure about that, but she most certainly got the fries). In any case, one would think if she finds it good, then the fries must be fine at least. And believe me, they are. If you find yourself in Brussels, especially for the first time, you must definitely try those out. Standing in the line will be forgotten after the very first bite of this delicacy.

Maison Antoine, Brussels
Maison Antoine, Brussels
Place Jourdan, 1040 Etterbeek, Belgique

In fact, I have to reveal a secret- wherever you go and decide to get the fries in Brussels, the chances that you are going to make a mistake and not like them are equal to zero. Maison Antoine is definitely the most famous and in my opinion,the best place to buy fries in Brussels. Moreover, if you walk towards the city center, you will notice the small stands located pretty much at the radius of 100 meters or so. Just a small tip that you may find annoying – always pick the ones where there is line. Because in most of the cases, the line is always worth it.

Stay tuned and join me on the journey of the Brussels holy trinity.

Photo credits @Natalia Deriabina

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