itinari makes it possible for leisure and travel businesses to promote their destination online, without a single piece of effort, and turn more web visitors into customers. Our product is meant for businesses whose success highly depend on their destination, whether for acquiring new customers, or increasing their length of stay.

itinari Kaleidoscope

It takes seconds for you to insert our itinari Kaleidoscope in your website. The Kaleidoscope proposes inspiring and qualitative destination content, exclusively written by the community of itinari editors. Our editors are all passionate travelers, locals proud of their country and traditions, who want to unveil the local hidden gems they know the best. Once in your website, the Kaleidoscope is updated automatically, featuring inspiration, places to visit, and major events to attend around you. Your business will also have a personal page on, viewed more than 60.000 times a month by a global audience of travelers.

For you

  • Attract more customers, make their stay longer at your place
  • Promote your area & local businesses around
  • Do not limit yourself to leaflets proposed by the local Destination Marketing organisations
  • Offer a complete trip planning experience to your customers
  • All this without any effort

For your customers

  • They see all things to do and places to visit around you
  • They have everything they need to plan their trip
  • They find great and structured content, that matches their interests


How much does it cost?

While we are in the pilot phase, our product is free.

Do I have to commit to anything?

There is no commitment whatsoever. You can add or remove the Kaleidoscope whenever you like. If you have suggestions for improvement, we would love to hear from you.

How can I insert the itinari Kaleidoscope in my website?

By integrating a few lines in the code source. The only parameters which need specifying are the coordinates of your business, as well as the language.

Can I decide what is the content that will be displayed in Kaleidoscope?

Right now, it is all automated. Content that is displayed is the one that refers to your area. It is directly sourced from our catalogue of places and stories. In a later phase, you will be able to decide on whether you want to hide or add content.

In what languages is the content in the Kaleidoscope available?

Our content is available in seven languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch.

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